Trump’s Possible Appointees Would Be A Disaster

Below is a partial list of some of the appointees in Trump’s cabinet. They are left of center and members of the CFR. While it’s common for Patriots to hold hope out – since no one approches Trump for a presidential race, we have to watch what he does after he gets in office.

“Draining the swamp in Washington,” as Trump said, sounds good BUT if you really want to get rid of the bad guys – which you should – who will be left? This is no excuse for appointing people who will help bring done the country. The only other group of people that Donald Trump would have to go to is good Bible believing Christian that KNOWS that we should follow God’s laws – NOT the Judeo Christian. We need Christians in office that will do what Prophets like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and others did.

Some of the cabinet members that are known Leftists/Council on Foreign Relations Members/Goldman Sachs Executives are the following:

  • John Bolton considered for Secretary of State (CFR Member, Bush Cabinet Member)
  • Stephen J. Hadley considered for Defense Secretary (CFR Member)
  • Steven Mnuchin considered for Treasury Secretary (Goldman Sachs Executive)
  • Robert E. Grady considered for Interior Secretary and Energy Secretary (CFR Member)
  • Lewis M. Eisenberg considered for Commerce Secretary (Goldman Sachs Executive)
  • James L. Connaughton considered for Energy Secretary (CFR Member)

Our real deliverance will come through our King of Kings, Jesus Christ.


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