George Soros’ “Purple Revolution” in America

George Soros’ “Purple Revolution” in America


Is Jew antichrist George Soros in back of anti-Trump riots?

PAID PROTEST?’ – Social justice warriors incite anti-Trump violence across the US. (Image Source: youtube)

USA Color Revolutions

Both the purpose of these types of agitation activities seems to be to first cause a public disruption, and also to foment are a form of modern class warfare. These political protests are designed in such a way as to disguise its true intentions. Ultimately, a radical globalist and cultural Marxist “progressive” agenda is at play – eroding the legitimacy of a democratically elected government through a series of artificial ‘color’ upheavals, and where possible – weakening a country’s national sovereignty through forced dependency on multilateral globalist institutions like the UN or IMF, while presenting shock and awe imagery in order to manipulate the public’s political perspective.

This is how the US and its CIA conduct their destablization ‘color revolution’ campaigns overseas, and now astute observers will be able to see these exact same methods being deployed here inside the US.

The enemy does not do things without hints of what they are going to do. This is part of the belief system of secret societies. You may doubt this, which is fine, but consider these facts:


When Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech after the election she had purple on her blazer. Bill Clinton was standing behind her and he was wearing a purple tie. Now, you might think this is coincidence but here is something else I discovered. In a video of Barack Obama, when he came outside of the White House the day after the election, guess what color tie he was wearing? You got it – purple! What are the odds of the three of them wearing the same color? How many times do you see men wear purple ties? (It happens and it’s a nice color, but…) All the purple clothing you saw had no pattern on them either. This is a rare occurrence; I believe there is a subtle message here; that the ties were picked out if Trump won and what Hillary worn was for if she lost. In short, is this the name of the next so-called “revolution” – The Purple Revolution – that is trying to get started by the Jewish billionaire George Soros? I think so.

Another discovery


The next day I saw a video of Vladimir Putin who had a ceremony for new ambassadors he was welcoming from other countries. He talked few minutes and congratulated Donald Trump, which he said happened about 5 hours earlier. So, this video was also just after the election. Guess what color tie Putin was wearing? You got it – purple? Now, the odds of this happening increases: what are the odds of 4 people wearing the same color, these people being world leaders (or past world leaders), and all of this happening the same day? Is there any mathematician among our Readers who could tell us the odds of this happening?

Leviticus 26:17 And I will set My face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies; they that hate you shall reign over you, and ye shall flee when none pursueth you.




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