Veteran’s Day and Donald Trump

Veterans Day Flashforward


  I came across a picture of the New York Times newspaper of the signing of armistice with Germany on November 11, 1918. What many people don’t know is the date of the signing. This done on the 11 month, the 11 day, at the 11 hour at 11 minutes after the hour. In short November, 11 at 11:11am. The landing on the beaches of Normandy was June 6, at 6 am. The satanists love to make events that has the same numbers in or has other significance with the numbers. Anyhow, my main point is…

As I read the headlines, I couldn’t help thinking of what is happening now. First, here is the NY Times newspaper picture:


Now, let’s change the title around a bit and make it for when Donald Trump is sworn in to office. Could the headlines be?…

Donald Trump Sworn In As President

Washington Seized by Revolutionists;

New President Begs For Order;

The Obamas and Clintons Flee to Qatar

What do you think? This might be close to the truth of what will really happen when Donald Trump is sworn in.


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