Nationalist Talk on Criticizing Jews and Not Muslims

Jews and Muslims Enemies of Christians and White People

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muslim-t-shirt  There is one Christian nationalist by the name of Monica Stone talking to another Christian Nationalist that we should be attacking the Jews and NOT the Muslims. Their reasoning goes something like this: the Jews were behind 911 and not the Muslims and, as a result, all the fighting has to be aimed at the Muslims.

Mrs Stone said that Jews are our problem and not the Muslims. While I agree in part with her; the Muslims are ALSO our problem. I agree with her that it was the Jews – and some evil White people – were behind 911 and not Ben Ladin hidden in some cave somewhere – Muslims are still a huge problem for us.

Monica Stone goes on to say that Muslims in Israel protected some small church in Israel from the Jews tearing it down. But the Jews were finally successful. This is one reason (of many) that she uses to say that, or imply, the Muslims are not our problem. How can anyone come to a conclusion like that in light of what millions of the Muslims are doing in Europe now?!

OK, some Muslims tried to protect a church but look that the thousands of Christian girls being raped by Muslims in Sweden, for example?

Monica goes on to say that no true Muslim will attack a Christian because they honor Jesus but just see him as a prophet while a Jew does not honor Jesus. She said of a meeting with one Christian how he hated the Muslims and she responded by telling him if he read the Talmud and the Koran, and he said no. Well, I have, and I’m hear to tell you that they BOTH hate Christians and want to take over the world. For those who want to get a fast lesson on Islam, just type in YouTube and search for “Bill Warner and Islam” and you’ll learn a lot in a short time of what Muslims believe in. In short, if you are a Muslim you are commanded by Mohammed to kill the infidel – “kafir” as they call us – and that includes Christians!

The next argument is that, “Look at the Muslims going into Europe with cell phones, who gives them that?” Again, this is where saying half the truth is dangerous. Yes, the Muslims are going into Europe with cell phones that were probably given to them by the Jews. But regardless of what they are given – even if they are given cash – I know that the Jews are behind it; most CI people know that, too. HOWEVER, the Muslim are still our enemies ALONG with the Jews. Can’t Monica and the host of the program see that we have two enemies? (We really have more than two if you want to get down to it, but in this case we are talking about both Jews and Muslims are our problems.)

She said, “Don’t blame the Muslims for going (to Europe)…” Really? “It takes to to dance.” While the Jews are part of the problem, the Muslims are their killing, raping, stealing, and changing our Christian culture. (This is where White people who don’t follow God’s laws are to blame, too.)

Keep in mind that it is Saudi Arabia who is financing all these Mosques around the world and it’s in these Mosques where the ideology of world take over is planned.

Even if the Jews were not behind the Muslims going into Europe, the Muslim would still do their best to get into Europe (and America). Only with the Jews, it’s much easier for them to do so. Their religion STATES they should take over the world; that everywhere they go they are to convert the “kafir” or to kill them or to enslave them.

In this video I saw, which just had photos and images, there was one image that said, “Muslims Love Jesus, too.” In other words, the compilation of this video, by the person who hosted it, (the name, I don’t know), used this in support of the topic that he and Monica was talking on. Now, can you imagine such a LIE that “the Muslims love Jesus, too?” Is he stupid? IF Muslims love Jesus, then they would do what Jesus said. Now, these two people are Christians but they forgot the words of Jesus. What did Jesus say in the Bible? If you love me you will obey my Commandments. First, you don’t kill Christians, you don’t steal from them, you don’t rape them, and you don’t make them slaves.

The Muslims, the “good” followers of Islam, is TOLD to do that, which, to a Christian is a sin. The only exceptions are: they don’t eat pig and they don’t lend money on usury. Even the average White person who is not a Christian do not commit the crimes that Muslims do.

I know that you know what is going on with the Muslims in Europe and America but this is for the new Reader or government agent or Jew who might be reading this; what the Muslims have been doing and what they have done all their history is, doing that which Christians call the worst sins you can commit. Their whole religion is criminal. Sure, this is in Talmud but it’s ALSO in the Koran, too! In other words, it’s OK by their god Allah and by their “prophet” Muhammed to: kill, rape, commit paedophile, steal, make slaves, lie, and be a queer. All of this is criminal behavior for a Christian. (By the way, the Muslim do engage in sodomy, just look at what the Imams do to little boys. They “say” they are against sodomy but they always have exceptions.) And, least I forget, the Muslim believe in cutting the gentiles of little girls so they don’t enjoy sex. They are really subhuman. The Muslim religion is just as sick as the Jews. It’s no wonder, as there were a lot of Jews in that part of the Middle East in the 7th Century, and the adopted some of what the Jews believed in.

It seems like these two people take what Muslims say as the truth (by looking at the some of the images they have). Well what they don’t know, and what most good Christians don’t know is, that Islam is dualism: They say one thing in the Koran and the opposite some place else. When Muhammed was in Mecca, he was going about preaching peacefully – this is the peaceful part of their Koran. But he didn’t get many followers. Later, he went to Medina, and that is where he used the sword to convert people. From fear of death is when he got more followers and this is the war section of his so-called “holy book.” A Muslim will be friendly with you BUT he will not become your friend.

“These Muslims must be the most demonised and lied about people,” said the host. No, they are not lied about – their “religion” is DEMONIC and, as far as their lies, the lies have been of how good they are. Their religion is really an ideology. You know, I had look at the Muslims as just a plane heathen religion but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I learned what they really believe in. so, the lie is not covering up of how good they are but how bad they are.


While I agree and most Christian Identity people agree that the Jews are our problem, so is the Muslim.

It’s the Jews that are making it easier for the Muslims to get to Europe and America – through their connections in government but the Muslims would still want to take over these White Christian nations even if the Jews were not involved.

I just pray that these two people, these two Christian Nationalist (perhaps they are Identity) will learn the truth about the Muslims. As the Apostle said – admonish them once or twice an this is what I’m doing.


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