American Trade With Russia Concerning Uranium

American Russia Uranium Deal


There has been some talk during this 2016 Presidential Race about the United States and its agreement with Russia selling 20% of our uranium. They look at this as a bad deal. Looking at this from an patriotic point of view, is it a bad deal? Is it wrong to sell Russia some of our uranium?

If this uranium was sold to England or France, would the media be screaming? Would Hillary Clinton be screaming? I don’t think so. Why? Well, they are our allies. What has Russia done to NOT be our allies? Aside from all the lies that are being told in the media, Russia has been helpful in world peace. Remember, you have to strip away all the lies and half-truths the media has been telling the public and when you do that, they should be out allies, too.

But maybe Russia is not our allies because they reject GMO foods, vaccinations and NATO being at their doorstep. Maybe the West hates Russia because they are not taking in these so-called “refugees” from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and from countries in Africa. Maybe the Edomites don’t like the fact that Russia wants to remain White instead of mixing their population; that they don’t want to destroy Christianity.

Looking at the uranium deal from purely a trade deal, uranium is not the only thing that is needed to make nuclear bombs – you need other materials to make it. If all Russia had was uranium, they would not be able to make any weapon without the steel, aluminium, rare-earth metals, and computer guidance systems. Also, uranium is used for nuclear power plants. So, Russia could be using uranium for this instead of weapons.

Keep in mind that Russia produces plenty of its own uranium so if they did not have this deal with the United States, they would not be short of supplies. It’s just like the U.S. producing its own oil but they also buy from other countries. Why? So, they have a supply of their own – Russia the same way.

They hypocrisy can also be shown by other things that we sell to Russia which seems to be OK. Just selling brass and lead for example, this would be fine with the media. But brass and lead are what bullets are made of – but you don’t hear complaints about this.

For decades now America has been selling technology to China. We have also given them advanced computer systems but you don’t hear the liberals complaining about this, so why do they attack Russia? Simply because America needs another “enemy” to fight. After all, the industrial/military complex has to sell more and more to make more profit. No wars = not enough profit.

I do not agree that the United States should be selling weapons of any kind to those who are opposed to our Christian heritage – which includes all countries in the Middle East. This should be stopped. Why sell weapons to countries who has religious/political beliefs to kill us or to change our true teachings of what should taught in our churches?

I just want to put this uranium trade deal we have with Russia in the right Christian perspective.

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