Vladimir Putin Or Hillary Clinton For US President

Putin For President


During this Presidential Campaign for 2016, we hear a lot of attacks against Vladimir Putin. They all come from the media, Hillary Clinton and liberals in general. Hillary, for example, claims that all this email hacking came from President Putin of Russia. Then there are charges that Donald Trump is getting information form Putin. Finally, the liar Hillary, says that Russia has hacked into the voting machines. Well, we know that all of this are lies – and not very good ones at that. But with that in mind, let’s look at this from another angle.

What Hillary Clinton has done was she had communicated on an unsecured server as Secretary of State which made her communication subjected to foreign governments to see. What she did was plainly a crime and every political figure and even those who are appointed to high positions of power – like Secretary of State – knows that. But no one has asked and answered a more important question and that is, “So, what IF Russia had got into Hillary unsecured account?”

First, I’d like to say that there is absolutely no proof that Russia did but what IF they did? Let’s take a look at this logically. Since there has been 33,000 emails between Hillary and others connected with her on an unsecured Server and what was discussed many of them were classified, what does the U.S. Government expect? Any government in the world would want to look at it. You can be sure that the Obama Administration would do that, and has done this to other nations. The U.S. do their best to hack into foreign political leaders even if it’s just to read what is going on. When something is unsecured it makes it that much easier for the CIA, for example, to see what’s going on. So, to expect other nations NOT to do the same to America is really naive.

Now, let’s take a look at what Hillary Clinton had done – which she admits – sending emails from an unsecured Server. IF the claim is true that Russia leaked this to, say, Wikileaks, shouldn’t the U.S. Government, shouldn’t the CIA be happy? They should, they should give a big thanks to Russia IN ORDER to let them know that there has been a leak in the State Department. Shouldn’t Putin be given an award? I mean, I would be glad that some other nation had brought this to my attention.

Think of this, if Russia discovered in the first month that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State that she was using an insecure Server; and Russia informed the U.S., wouldn’t they be glad that they did? Sure they would

But since there is literally a whole gang of crooks in Washington, they don’t want this out. Then, it would be that much easier for Obama, to cover up the crimes of Hillary and the world would have been none the wiser. In other words, if Russia just said on the private phone to Obama that Hillary had an unsecured Server than this news would not have seen the light of day; then it would be that much easier for Hillary to become President; and, if President, she would continue to send emails as she had done before. After all, why wouldn’t she? If she was not caught and never had to answer to the American public or the FBI, you can bet money on the fact that she would continue what SHE KNOWS is wrong.

What If Vladimir Putin Was Running For President

What if Putin was running for President of the U.S., would she be better than Hillary Clinton? Just consider this:

Hillary                                                                                      Putin

Would most likely start WWIII                                                Would not start WWIII

Is for GMO food                                                                           Is against GMO food

Increase military spending                                                        Reduce military spending

For homosexuals                                                                          Is against homosexuals

Increasing Muslim immigration                                               Is against Muslim immigration

All kinds of benefits for illegal                                                   No benefits for illegal immigrants


Favors outsourcing                                                                      Against outsourcing

Is a pathological liar                                                                    Is not a pathological liar

Just from the above list, it shows that Putin would make a much better President of the U.S. EVEN if he was still President of Russia. If he happened to be born American, he would – hands down – beat Hillary, that is if there is no media distortion, no rigging of the polls and no rigging of the voting machines. In short, if Putin had be been an American citizen, would get the same result as Donald Trump has (provide he was already famous in some way, which always helps). Of course, with the way the U.S. government runs today, you don’t have to be born in America – as the Constitution says – in order to be President; just take a look a Barack Obama!

Now, I know this is a fantasy but just bear with me; if Putin could somehow be President of the U.S. at the same time he is President of Russia, the American people would get a better President than what we have had and what we have now. Just imagine this:


If Putin stands for what he has stood for as President of Russia, he would be against doing things that will make the other side go to war with each other. Who in their right mind would be for mutual destruction? You’d have to be crazy.


Putin is already set against GMO food as he has outlawed such seeds in Russia and with it, the pesticide Round Up.

Organic Food

In fact the Russia government offers farmers who grow organic food 4 acres of land free! Imagine that – not only is organic food better but the farmers are rewarded for their good work. While our so-called politicians make laws that make it more difficult to grow organic food.

Military Spending

Russia currently spends $50 billion a year on their military. The United States spent over $500 billion in 2015. We have a lot of waste in what is produced. So, Russia gets better military weapons with 1/10th the cost. This could save a could of hundred billion dollars per year. Russia has some better inventions, too.

Russia has two foreign bases (maybe three). America has literally hundreds of foreign bases. Under Putin he might keep several for the U.S. but would not make it look like a Starbucks franchise!


Putin has restricted homosexual behavior and has laws against it. While in America, we are allowing queers full rights. Putin is in line with God’s laws as far as this goes, Obama, and Hillary is in disobedience of God’s laws.

Muslim Immigration

Hillary wants to increase 550% of the amount of Muslims coming into the U.S. that is currently coming in. Putin would probably put a stop to it. He has Muslims in his country only because several of the republics in the Russian Federation has a Muslim population to start with.

The United States is doing its best in allow non-White people into the country from anywhere in the world. We are currently bringing in Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. Russia, as you know, is not allowing any from the Middle East. With Russia being much closer to the Middle East than the U.S. and he’s not allowing Syrians in, for example, he most probably would not allow them to come to America! Hillary Clinton will go out of her way to bring them in.

Benefits for Immigrants

Putin would not allow immigrants – legal or illegal – to get benefits. They don’t get it in Russia, so why would they get it in the U.S.? Hillary would see a continuation to this. She would also see the continuation of “anchor babies,” where once the child is born, the rest of the family can become permanent residence and become citizens. This is not happening in Russia and I doubt Putin would allow it in the U.S.


Russia looks after its own interest; they hire their own people when they can. They DO have foreign labors. For example, in construction it’s common that that Turks do the work. But wholesale outsourcing is not done.

Telling The Truth

We know that Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth – her whole political career is based on this. She lied 39 times in front of the FBI. So, anything she does say now, even if it sounds good, would be a lie. Putin, to my knowledge is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. IF he does lie, and we all lie to a certain extent, it’s no where near Hillary.


We know that Hillary completely and deliberately ignored security in sending, receiving and storing emails. We know that President Putin hasn’t done this.

Income Taxes

One of the biggest pluses for Vladimir Putin is income taxes. In Russia the maximum, as I have read, is 13%. In America, I think is 35%. that’s a big difference and a big plus for the average income worker in America to “Vote for Putin!”

In the above 11 topics, which are big issues in America, Vladimir Putin comes in at 11; Hillary Clinton comes in at 0.

Permission to share with credit given and no changes made.

Copyright 2016




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