Weakness in Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy

Weekly Sermon October 30, 2016

Weakness in Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy

Sermon: Victory Over Alien Enemies

In light of what is happening to North America and Europe with the Muslim invasion, I thought this sermon is appropriate.


Donald Trump’s plan on immigration reform is certainly different than the Establishment and that of Hillary Clinton. Trump has plans that sounds good on the surface but has sever limitations. I do applaud him for what he wants to do and hope that it’s successful but there are short-comings.

First, let’s take a look at what Trump wants to do. He plans to build a wall on the boarder with Mexico. OK, this will cost billions of dollar which, in time, will be less than the cost of letting millions across the boarder. But is building a wall the best way to keep immigrants out? We’ll address that later.

Trump wants vetting of those coming in. He did not go into detail on how this will be done but assuming it is background checks like your local police department would give, very few immigrants will be able to provide this; very little will be verified. So, this is good as that means they simply won’t be allowed to come to America. “Sorry, we can’t verify who you are!” This is good but let’s look at some other issues that Donald Trump didn’t discuss.

Trump just talks on building a wall and vetting people who do come but this will not solve our problems. Here are some questions that need to be answered:

  • What about the millions that are here illegally?
  • What about the millions that were made “legal” under various amnesty plans?
  • What about the millions that are on welfare of some kind?
  • What about the prison costs?
  • What about immigration policy now and the numbers that are allowed in?

As Americans know, there are millions of illegals here now – real estimates put it as high as 25 million. Most of these people are on welfare of some kind. Others have taken American citizens jobs – even those that are not qualified. You have 100s of thousands – legal and illegal – that are in prison. All of this amounts to billions of dollars a year. What about the numbers that are allowed legally to apply for citizenship?

Let’s say that Donald Trump is able to put the wall up and it keeps all unwanted people out. And, we only allow people in that were “properly vetted,” we still have a huge problem on our hands.

You have millions of people who just don’t fit in to American culture that have been living here. How will Trump deal with them? You have millions who just can’t hold a job down. You have millions who don’t want a job. You have the ghettos that they created. Their lifestyle is totally alien to White Christians and even those who are not Christian. Many live by crime, their neighborhoods are unsafe for other citizens to walk through and even the police avoid these “no-go” areas. The cost of the immigrants from the Middle East and Africa are a net burden. What about the cost that you can’t put a price on but is in the form of human suffering? What is Donald Trump’s plans for this? Put them in prison – that is already over burden and costing us a fortune? This is not solving the problem, and this is not helping the working American (or those who want to work but can’t).

There is an answer. First, it’s NOT politically correct as that which is “politically correct” are things that DON’T WORK. So, let’s do that which is NOT “politically correct” so we can do the right thing.

When taking on a job that someone did wrong (in this case, that many people did wrong), you have to change it. For example, just because 100s of thousands of people that were illegal and had no right to being in America were made legal. If it was wrong then, it’s still wrong now! These people have to be sent back to their respective countries. Regardless of the jobs they have, the homes they have and the family they have. They don’t belong here, period.

I know that readers will have questions but I can’t stop with each one or this article will be way too long. I just want to go over the surface to address the major issues and this will be enough. The rest will have to wait for another time.

Donald Trump said he will have prison terms for first time offenders and second time offenders. Well, if the wall works and the checking at the boarders work this should take care of most of the people coming through illegally but some will still come through. Now, prison is good as it will (for the most part) deter the foreign invaders.

I don’t believe these invaders should just be able to sit in prison and do nothing but have to be put to work. This will at least pay for part of their costs. Under the Christian way, there is restitution, which we should have as the law of the land. But when it come to the immigrants they will probably try to take off, so they will have to be put in cheap accommodations AND work to pay off their cost. – then send them back.

Donald Trump’s Wall

A wall sounds good and it can keep people out. For people who live in a bad neighborhood this is good. But for a nation, it becomes costly. Now, IF this was the only way, then build a wall. But there are other ways to deal with the illegals. And when this is done right, you won’t have to build a wall. Think back 100 years ago in America; did we have a wall to keep the illegals out? No. only very few came over. So, we have to do what we did back in 1900, for example. When this is done, the nation saves billions of dollars (or whoever pays for it). AND, you don’t have an ugly wall along the boarder.

To keep people out without a wall you have to ask yourself, “What brings the people here in the first place?” Once you eliminate what attracts foreigners here, you can reduce the number coming to America. (If you live in another nation, you can ask the same thing in order to apply it to your own country.)

  • Free housing
  • Food stamps
  • Welfare check each month
  • Money for each child
  • Your whole family can come if a baby is born here
  • Free education
  • Getting away with crime

With all this money available to the illegals, this is why they come here. You stop all of this, and watch the numbers drop almost to zero! It’s common sense. America did not give out this money to their own people and they certainly didn’t give it out to people who were not citizens. So, will Donald Trump do this? If he did, he’ll find out that maybe a wall will not have to be built.

Another factor that drives people to come to America, Canada and European counties is that the economy in these 2nd and 3rd world countries are terrible. Focusing on America, it has been the American government – primarily – that has ruined the economies and even the social structure of these countries. One way this was done was through lending these nations billions of dollars through The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. (Read the book, Confession of an Economic Hit Man to learn more.) Forgiving their debts and getting foreign companies out of their countries will go a long way in restoring their economic strength where these immigrants will not want to leave their country.

In short, the Bible has the answers even for strangers living in the land. Just do a search through the Bible and read what is necessary where you can have strangers living in your land but under certain conditions. Again, this will take another article to cover up. But if you read a previous Post your find this is covered to a certain extent.

What will it take for Americans to wake up? What will it take for Europeans to wake up? Does our country have to be turned into how Syria is now before they do so? Let’s pray that it doesn’t have to get that bad before we return to God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgements.


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