If God Wanted Us to Mix, Then Why…

Is God Against Race Mixing?

Weekly Sermon 16 October 2016

If God wanted us to mix, if we are all “equal,” if we are to live among each other, is something I will get into shortly.

Here is part 2 of a many part series by Pastor Dave Barley. As you know the big push – both inside and outside the church – is for integration. This is the religion of non-Christians (and many who call themselves Christian) and they shout down anyone who disagrees. With that in mind, I thought of taking a look at segregation along non-biblical lines. In other words, if a person will not listen to the Bible, and just uses secular sources, maybe they can see how integration is still wrong. Of course, pastors can use this along with their quoting Scripture – as it’s used all the time.

If, what the Jews and other non-Christians say that God wants us all to mix; that we are all equal and should live among each other, then why did He create the world as He did? In other words, if you look at history and where people were placed on the earth; if you look at human psychology and at culture, it indicates that God wants us to remain separate. In fact, it shouts out at everyone who just simply looks at this history of all the races and their culture. So, let’s take a look at this.

If God wanted us to mix, if we are all “equal,” if we are to live among each other, then why:

  • did He have the different races live so far apart?
  • did He give not only give us different skin color and a different outlook on life?
  • did He not give the ability to the Negroes, for example, the ability to sail the ocean and live among other people?
  • didn’t the other races have civilisations similar to ours?
  • don’t the other races mix among themselves once they immigrated to other nations?

I could go on but let me add more to the above before I do. For those who believe that the Bible says we should all mix, we are all God’s Chosen People, that there should, ideally, be one race, consider the following. Then God would have had all the races living among each other. He should, at the very least have them live “next door” like the nations of Europe. But do we see this? No!

We have Negroes living in Africa, the Asians living in Asia, the people in India living on their own subcontinent. In short, these races not only live great distances from each other that would discourage mixing, but also with great barriers such as desserts, seas and oceans that have to be crossed.

If you take a look at Africa – the continent next to Europe – you have the barrier of the Mediterranean Sea. You have the great Sarah Dessert that discourages the Negroes from invading Europe. And, if that was enough, God made the Negroes NOT to be seafarers and NOT to be explorers. In other words, the Blacks lived in Africa without ever traveling on to Europe, North America or even to India.

God made the land this way, and made the different races that way so they DON’T MIX with other races. This is only one way Yahweh God discourage race mixing.

If you take a look the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, the Taiwanese and other Asian races, they, too, were not great seafarers. They did not have great ships nor did they have the explorer’s spirit to travel and discover new lands. Proof of this is Australia. Here is a whole continent that is close by that they never travelled to. Had they, they would have been filled with Asiatic people when Capitan Cook landed there a couple of centuries ago. But what was reality? A continent that was nearly un-inhabitent except dark skinned people who just numbered in the thousands. The Aborigines, in turn, never ventured beyond sight of their land to explore the Asian countries north of them.

This is secular proof, if you will, of God not wanting to have the races mixed but He didn’t stop there to put safe guards in. God, in His great Plan of the Ages, made other things to discourage His Children – the White race, the House of Israel. When the Saxons, Nordics and other White races first made contact with the Negroes, for example, they were repelled by what they saw. White people were turned off and disgusted by how they lived and some of the food they ate. What was most shocking was that some tribes ate their enemies! The European were surprised by what they did not see, such as lack of music, no refined art, and practically no clothes, just to name a few things. Some tribes even had no word for “love” in their language!

I could write a book but others have already done so starting hundreds of years ago about how different the other races are to the European White Race.

Then, if this wasn’t enough for God had other ways to get the massage of not to mix. These safe guards, by the way, is to tell His people that there is a difference between the races; and these differences are more than skin deep. When the White Man came to the New World; when the Spanish came and later, the French and English, one thing that happened was that the native Indians of various tribes were killed by common diseases that the Europeans had. We can live through and just miss a week of school if we come down with the measles or chicken pox but when some Indian tribes come down with it, they were killed off. This is not what Europeans set out to do – they discovered this when they explored new lands.

How can you mix when other races die off? You can’t and it was intended that you don’t mix.

With all the race-mixing propaganda and the billions of dollars spent over the past 50-60 years; with all the “we are all equal” books and films we have, guess what? With all the immigration we have and with all the different races we have, we have more racial instincts shown and displayed than ever before. If you go to any large city in Europe or North America, you see natural ethnic neighborhoods crop up. You have Blacks live here, Mexicans living there, Vietnamese living over there.

In your European cities you have the same thing. In fact, with all the Muslims that are currently entering the country; while they are all still living in refugee camps, you have fights break out between the Muslim Afghanistan and Muslim Syrians and Muslim Iraqis. They can’t get along with each other. Naturally, they all form their own enclave once they are released from these “refugee camps.” They don’t live among the Blacks and the Asians don’t live among the Jamaican people, for example. People still want to live among their own race or culture group within that race.

Tower of Babel

All Christians know the Tower of Babal but they seem to conveniently forget what God did and relate this to separating the races. As you know, people from all cultures were living in one area. The Tower of Babel was built so all the people could stay within view of it. But God didn’t want this; so He and His angels went down to earth to mix up their language. Therefore, the people were forced to move away from each other. Also notice, that the people who speak the same tongue – they are ALL of the same race. In other words, why didn’t Yahweh God have different races speak the same language and have different groups like this? He didn’t because His creation called for the races to remain distinct, separate.

“Babel” in English means “confusion.” Everyone talking a different language is confusion but ALSO everyone together of a different race is CONFUSION, too!

There will always be some people who will mix their seed with the non-Whites but God is in control and He will never allow the destruction of His people.


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