A Few White Nationalist Are Like False Prophets

A Few White Nationalist Are Dangerous For Your Spiritual Well Being

There are a couple of White Nationalists like the false preachers you see on TV and the internet; people like Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and others. If you know about these false preachers you know that not only do they teach false doctrine but they are primarily motivated by money, power and by women. Well, have you ever thought about a White Nationalist motivated for the same reasons?

Yes, even non-Christian White Nationalist tell you the truth about the white race but they leave much out – what the Old Testament says. But these WN who say they are fighting the antichrists say that the Old Testament is Jewish book and so you do not learn about the White race – otherwise known as the ancient Israelites.

Watch out for White Nationalists that are motivated by sex and money but use the White Nationalist platform to “stand out from the crowd.” Of course, they get name reconnection and are influential is small circles.

Some lies that we hear from these so-called Patriots are:

  • The Old Testament is Jewish
  • God’s laws were put away with
  • Christ was not God in the flesh
  • I have Muslim friends

This is very dangerous as if the person is not a Christian he certainly won’t be led to Christ by a false prophet. By saying that God’s laws are done away with (but it’s OK for man to make laws) than the person thinks that “we can be saved” by either some WN organization or some WN running for office.

Finally, saying that there are many good Muslims is giving a false sense of security. A Muslim can be friendly but he will not be your friend – this is told to them in the Koran.

You can learn all you want about the White race from Christian Identity material or by listening to a CI pastor. Not only that, you will have hope and assurance that victory will be ours. Praise Yahweh God!

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