White Nationalists Exposed

Danger of Following White Nationalists That Are Not Christian

Ben Klassen - a godless White Nationalist (died 1993)

Ben Klassen – a godless White Nationalist (died 1993)

  There are many reasons why following White Nationalists that don’t know God is dangerous. There is also a danger of following White Nationalists that just use the New Testament. Here are some reasons:

You will have the belief of either that there is no God of the Bible and no saving power of Jesus Christ. The danger of supporting White Nationalists that are not Christian or just believe in the New Testament are:

You will believe that God’s laws have been done away with

You will believe that the Jews are God’s Chosen people

You will not believe in the Covenants (promises) from God

You will be told that the laws in the Old Testament are wrong and even sick

You will be told that man’s laws are superior (making us like God)

You will not know how to restore the nation (which many WN claim they want)

You will be easily misled into believing heathen practices and religions

You will, in some way, still hold the Jews as just being different (rather than really different)

You will think that the White race is so smart without God (which is a lie)

You will not know Jesus’ ministry without knowing who the Isrealites are today (that some White Nationalist that claim they are Christian but just use the New Testament)

You want to learn about White Nationalism? Fine. The best way you can is by reading the whole Bible – Old and New Testament. You can read about the history of the White race and what we SHOULD DO today by listening to Christian Identity pastors and by reading Christian Identity material – that is how you learn about White Nationalism. You also learn about Yahweh God!



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