Religious Freedom Is Not Christian

Why Religious Freedom Does Not Work

immigration-muslim-1  Americans like to point out that one of the strong points of their Constitution is that they allow religious freedom. Other nations, too, point out the same thing and that its written in their constitution. But, is religious freedom a good thing? What has it done to nations that have it? What does the Bible say about religious freedom?

First, we need to look at what religion actually is – how it is defined. From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary we read:

4. Any system of faith and worship. In this sense, religion comprehends the belief and worship of pagans and Mohammedans, as well as of Christians; any religion consisting in the belief of a superior power or powers governing the world, and in the worship of such power or powers. Thus we speak of the religion of the Turks, of the Hindus, of the Indians, etc. as well as of the Christian religion We speak of false religion as well as of true religion

Religious freedom in America

When we talk about religious freedom in America we think of peace and tranquillity, so therefore, religious freedom must be good. When you look at Colonial America and the early years of America as an independent country, we think that freedom of religion worked well. But we have to look deeper to see why it worked well.

First and foremost, in Colonial America, we lived – for the most part – under God’s laws. That is the God of the Bible. America was established by Christians and specifically by Protestants. Yes, we had different denominations but they were all Christians. In fact, you had to believe in Jesus Christ to hold office – as stated in all the Colonial State Constitutions and even in the first 13 colonies after we became a nation.

The religious freedom in early America was freedom of Christianity and nothing else. It was NOT freedom for Hindus, Buddhist, Muslim and Satanist. Think about it – do you think that in Colonial America or even the 1830s America they would have allowed Satan worshippers? Of course not.

Then Americans got a little liberal and allowed groups like the Mormons to spread their lies. Later in the 19th Century another cult was created called Jehovah’s Witness. Though they call themselves Christians they are not. Soon the floodgates opened to allow other religions in; some where home grown like the previous two mentioned.

The only other religion that was not Christian but were allowed in America in the early years was the Jews with their Judaism. But we understand why they were allowed in – because of “the power of the purse.”

In the 20th Century America was opened to many more religions even those who do not pretend to be Christian, such as the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslims. Many Christians will look at this as “freedom of religion and keeping with the Founding Fathers.”

Is allowing the non-Christians following God’s laws? Did Yahweh God say it was OK to allow those of heathen religions in? Of course not. We are to have one law and that is the same for the believer as well as the stranger in the land. The “stranger”, meaning, those of another belief. They have to really denounce their religion if they want to live in the land. A previous Post went into detail in on this with biblical references, so I won’t repeat it here.

Looking at what is going in America and in many European countries, do we have more peace in the land? No. Do we have less crime in the land? No. Do we have less riots in the land? No. As you know, the Muslims are glamouring for more and more power. They want their religion and Sharia law as the laws of the land.

With religion, and this goes with any kind, you have a belief system and with it, the belief is that it is to be the law of the land. The Hindus would love to see cattle and rats take over their cities and their belief is that their ancestors are in them. For Muslims, you have to convert to their religion, or die. And, in some cases you are allowed to live but you have to pay a tax to them in order to live.

For those who say, “That’s the problem – religion. We should do away with all religions.” Well, that is a belief, too. They believe in a code of life of some kind. Some believe in Evolution with Darwin as their “god,” though they will not admit it. But it is their belief. If you have anarchists, their belief is, “everybody do their own thing.” But they run into problems with that, as one person’s “do their own thing” is different from some other anarchist “do their own thing.” They won’t admit this but it’s true and conflicts WILL occur IF they ever get into power. With the Communist, they have their belief in Marx and Lenin – the two Jews – and their holy book is Das Kapital. As you know, they had their own laws when they came to power in Russia and China. So, don’t say that they have no religion – it’s that they are not honest in saying so.

No matter what religious belief you have or so-called non-religious belief, you have people who want to live under certain laws. Whatever laws you have, you will have groups that will not like it. You will have the world that is not Christian who do not want biblical laws. Unfortunately, you have many that call themselves “Christians” who don’t want to have God’s divine laws but it’s OK to have man made laws as the laws of the land. Try to figure that one out – but it’s true if you were to ask any Christian. What I’m saying is that most Christians have been led astray by their pastors.

There is NO democracy in Heaven, whether that Heaven be above us or here on earth. When Christ’s Kingdom is set up, there will be no voting for this politician or that one; there will be no group of men getting together and creating their own laws. It will be the divine laws and everyone will live under them. Until then, we should still strive with have God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements as the laws of the land. The Apostle James said about the “perfect law of liberty.” Can you get more perfect in anything? Can you improve on what is perfect? Of course, not. So, if you really want liberty if you really love liberty, then you better be supportive of God’s Laws, Statues and Judgement.


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