God’s Laws Started With Adam and Eve

God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgements Started With Adam and Eve

There are some people who say that Laws of God started with Moses. This is not true – it started with Adam and Eve, as I’ll explain shortly.

As a side note, most Christians believe the Law was done away with, but this is another issue.

I should not have to talk on the fact that God’s Laws started at the time of Adam and Eve but people are so dumbed down that I’ll have to. One article I read was by a Christian woman who has written other good Christian articles but now and then she comes up with a zinger. I found this to be the case with a couple of other Christians, too.

First, we should look at the definition of sin. Sin is the transgression of the Law. This Law, of course are God’s Laws, and His Statutes and Judgements are part of it.

Cain murdered Abel and this was a sin. Cain knew he sinned and God knew that Cain knew. Cain also lied to God. What happened to Cain? He was banished and was sent out of the presence where Adam and Eve lived.

Under God’s laws, the penalty for murder is death. The reason why Cain wasn’t given a death sentence was – as per God’s Statutes – that you need two or more witnesses. Since there were no witnesses, he was banished. Earthly witnesses is what is needed. Of course, God saw what he did and probably some angels, too. As you know, angels don’t come down and say, “I saw you kill Eddie, you have to die now.”

God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgements were not written in stone at the time but they were given to Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel knew about them, too.

Noah’s time

Another important point to consider is that in Noah’s time there was great wickedness in the world. Wickedness, of course, is sin and it was to such a great extent that God had to kill all those except Noah’s family. The time of Noah was hundreds of years before the time of Moses. Thus, this is another proof that the Law was given before they were written in stone.

Death in the world

Finally, to show that God’s Law was in the land before Moses’ time was shortly after Creation. The penalty of sin is death; where there is no sin there is no death. You can also say this in reverse – where there is no death there is no sin. We all know that Adam and Eve died as well as the other people of the pre-Flood period. Though many people lived to 800-900 years they all died. They all died because they were born with sin. And, remember, sin is the transgression of the Law.

When a person writes in so much detail on this topic of sin, but ignores other major areas, you wonder what their agenda is. This goes with any other Bible discussion when there are whole sections of the Book that says otherwise. We are not talking about some individual verse that the Bible student overlooked – we are talking about areas that jump out at you. With the topic at hand (the Law was not in existence until the time of Moses), how could anyone miss the stories of Cain murdering Abel, death in the world, and evil in the word at the time of Noah? You don’t have to be a Bible student to know this. There really is no excuse for this sort of error.

How the Law was passed down

You may ask how God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgements were passed down since it was not written down, that there was no Bible. The answer is quite simple – these Commandments were memorised! Think about the time of when people lived to 900 plus years. They had to have excellent memories, even photographic memories. In order to live centuries you have to be in an excellent state of health – unlike anything we have seen today. When is such a state of health your memory is photographic.

We can look at people who are vegans today, who are in an excellent state of health despite the polluted world we live in today. They will all tell you that they have excellent memories. Now, think of a state of health that is much better than even what these people experienced. The average person in the pre-Flood time of Noah all had memories that they could recall anything at will. With this in mind, they handed down the knowledge of God to their children; there was no need to write things down. They probably thought that writing things down was strange (just a guess on my part but it makes sense).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Laws of God are only about 600 – unlike man’s laws where there are literally 100s of thousands of laws.

There are people today who have memorised whatever their speciality is and the bits of information they learned amounted to thousands. In the book: Solzhenitsyn A Soul In Exile, its stated that Alexandr learned 8,000 verses of what he was writing. The point is, that it’s the way people passed down knowledge back 4,000 and 5,000 years ago, and that it was a common thing to do then.

Let’s all pray that we can rightly divide the Word of God.


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