Ameriaggedon: The Movie

Ameriageddon: The Movie

Here is a film that you may have heard about. It’s called Ameriggedon. It’s about Patriots rising up and fighting the United Nations. (What about the U.S. Government itself?) I know that this film is to wake people up about what is coming and is already here but it lacks the most important piece of information that we need. There is no mention of God or Jesus Christ in the film; there is no Bible shown or talk about the Bible in the film!

We will ONLY win with the help of God Almighty. If you know about prophecy, you’ll know that we are in the Last Days and that we are told if the days were not shortened, man would be destroyed. The film leads one to believe that we can do it ourselves by simply fighting the UN troops. In fact, the film by Gary Haven, would have us believe that we can do it alone without God’s help. No, brother and sister, we need Christ’s help – as told in the Bible.

It wasn’t many years ago that Christ was the central theme of why America was great. Now Christ is regulated to the back where His name is not even mentioned. What is it with people – are they afraid they might offend non-Christians?

Anyhow, here is the film. I guess I should say it’s at least the beginning of waking people up but we have a LOT more to go.


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