Will Things Change Under Donald Trump

What Donald Trump Has NOT Talked On

donald-trump2  As you know, Donald Trump said he will clean up America, as he made many promises. He has been brave enough to talk on issues that the other politicians dare not talk on – especially Hillary Clinton.

We all know how politicians lie, especially during campaign time. They do this in order to be elected. OK, what Trump has talked on sounds good but we have to wait and see what happens, namely, will he do what he said he will? But there is something more concerning and that it what Donald Trump has NOT talked on. It’s bad enough when politicians don’t do what they say. With things they DO NOT say, you know that it’s a given that those topics will not be acted on – because they made no promises.

What I mean specifically is, all the problems America has that should be of concern for Americans. What are they? They include:

  • Allowing the medical profession to have the control they do over the health of the people
  • Not allowing alternative cancer treatments
  • Making it illegal for states to make vaccinations a requirement
  • Making it illegal for GMO food
  • Making it illegal for chemtrail
  • Making it illegal to put carcinogenic chemicals in our foods
  • Making it illegal for politicians to take money from corporations
  • Making it illegal for heathen religions in the land
  • Making it illegal for politicians to make laws that are contrary to God’s laws

And about 100 other things that would be consider “politically incorrect,” but the last one on the list sums it all up: making it illegal to pass any law that is contrary to God’s Laws.

These are the things that are not talked about nor would they, as people today are concerned about not offending others – except God, of course. The politicians need the votes of those who are brainwashed.

The only thing that we can pray for is that the people – as a whole – have their eyes opened. That they repent and know what they have to repent for; to pray to God that they will be delivered. And, with that, the President and political leaders in Washington D.C. to change, too. (And the leaders of your respective country.) THEN we will have change. But until then, don’t expect to see any changes.

I pray that I’m wrong but even IF Donald Trump follows through on what he said he’ll do, there’s a ton of other things that needs to change. But since he did not talk on these other issues, don’t expect to see an improvement in our country.

God said he will not hear our prayers when we have no respect for his Laws, Statues and Judegements. Let’s pray that our people and our respective leaders wake up!


3 responses to “Will Things Change Under Donald Trump

  1. Donld Trump. sometimes God uses people He wwsees are the weak and foolish among us to confound the wise. This we can be sure of. A man who isn’t compromised, a man who isn’t enslaved to the world’s definition of good, because we know he isn’t perfect in the world’s eyes. He’s said some bad things, yes, but he has repented , and he speaks for those who have no voice such as the unborn. Paul was on record of wanting to kill Christians, but latter repented of these atrocities, to become a powerful person for what was right, true and of noble character. Should we therefore, be dismissive of his stand for the unborn? Certainly not.

  2. There’s no question that Trump is pro jew and pro Israel. He has said so himself. He’s a controlled puppet just like the rest.

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