Is Donald Trump a Prophet of God?

Is Donald Trump a Prophet of God?

trump-1  There are some people who think that Donald Trump is a prophet of God and a few of these people have made YouTube videos.

Now, I do like many things that Donald Trump has said. And I do think that God is using him to warn the people of America. But is he a prophet of God? Is he the leader that will point America in the right direction?

First, before I answer the above question, I’d like to tell you that each and everyone one of you has a part to play in why we are here on earth. So, don’t think you have no important position – we are all part of Yahweh God’s divine plan.

If you take time to read of the prophets of old you will see that they exhorted God’s people to return to His Laws, Statues and Judgements. Do we hear this from Donald Trump? No.

A prophet of God knows what the laws of God are; they know that we should follow them and have them as laws of the land. This is not mentioned, not even once by Trump. He probably doesn’t even know this. And, IF he did know them, he would not dare mention them; he knows that it would be the end of his campaign for President. In fact, Trump has gone to the other end as he supports the queers, transgender and other sexual perversions. (OK, not all of them but he did say that he supports what is called, the LGBL group.) This is sick!

Prophets of God advocate and support God’s laws and that includes what is related to sexual relations. Remember, God destroyed the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, he did NOT say it was OK. God’s prophets and messengers told Israel their sins – this is not what Donald Trump is doing.

The only time you’ll hear Trump say God is at the end of his speech when he says, “God bless you,” and that is it. And, I never heard him use the word “Jesus” or “Christ.”

All this talk about “Make America Great Again,” is not getting at the heart of the issue. What should be asked first is, “Why America lost its greatness?” The Bible has the answers and the answer is that we, as a nation have not followed God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements. When we do, THEN we shall be great again. So, will we do what is biblically correct under Trump? No, not if we continue to ignore God’s requirements.

Trump is telling what people like to hear, what people are afraid to say, but it’s not what will make America great again. But what is being said is not the key point that turns people back to God. IF Americans wake up while Trump is President it will be because things will have to get worse before the people cry unto Yahweh God.


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