Secrets of the Vietnam War Revealed

How the Capitalist and Communists Help Each Other

Pastor Sheldon Emry tapes have a lot of revealing information about the leftists/Communists of years ago in this audio about Secrets of the Vietnam War. First, Pastor Emry’s ministry was only from 1968-1985 and he was one of the few (literally) pastors who told about corruption in government. Listening to his sermons you hear things that you still don’t hear today. Though his sermons were back in the 70s and 80s, they are relevant today. You’d think he was talking about today’s news with all the corruption. Of course, it’s much worse today.

I have listened to about a 1/3 of all of Sheldon Emry’s tapes now I’m slowing listening to the rest. When you see a group of sermons or articles that look interesting, and there is a lot to listen to or read, you pick out the ones that has the most interesting titles. Since I had already done that, I’m now listening to others. Well, even in these audios that is always something to learn.

This year was the update of the book: THE NEW CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN, which I’m in the process of reading. I highly recommend that you read it, and, believe it or not, it was in my local library. You might find it in yours, too. Anyhow, this book is related to this video by Emry, in that it shows that corporations rule the world and not governments or people.

Check it out here.

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