A Case of a Criminal Lawyer as Evil as the Criminal

Musings for 3 September

A Case of a Criminal Lawyer as Evil as the Criminal


What Lawyers Should Do With a Guilty Client

In light of this video, I thought, “What should lawyers do if they find out that their client is guilty.” Naturally, this could only happen under a godly government.

If a person that is involved in a crime hires a lawyer, the good lawyer should first inquire if that person is guilty or not. If he/she does find out that the client is lying, he/she should advise their client to the following:

that he turn to God and ask for forgiveness

read the Bible while he is in jail waiting trial

plead guilty

Of course, the lawyer should say that he will not represent the client any more and collect his fees for the time he did put in.

No lawyer should be forced to represent a client. This bit of a client having the “right to counsel” can still be applied. He can look for another lawyer but he also can represent himself. But what should supersede the “right to counsel” is the right of the lawyer to refuse AND to tell other lawyers what he found out. This is actually a benefit to the accused as it would save him from the fees for the other lawyer having to discover this himself. Therefore, the “right of counsel” had been used up. If the accused still wants his lawyer, than that lawyer will have to tell the truth to the jury without any lying or twisting of the truth.

Now, in a biblical government the punishment should meet the crime. If it was a case of rape, the man – if he truly repented – should say he deserves what he gets.

Now, if this criminal doesn’t like what his lawyer said, he could find another one but, again, under a godly government, all lawyers should tell him the same thing. Then the criminal will see that it’s a waste of money.

The criminal, of course, could represent himself but if the crime is honestly and intelligently investigated, he would still be found guilty.

How the system works today is, if the client is found guilty of the crime, the lawyer will distort what he can to the jury and even add things himself to make his client look good. Maybe that is why they are called “criminal lawyer.”

When a lawyer makes up a story for the client, when he/she puts words in the mouth of the victim, it makes the lawyer no better than the accused. Yet, they get away with it. In the case of the video you saw above, we think of this lawyer and the criminal being the only ones in the court room evil. But there is more people involved than this – the jury is guilty and the judge is, too. They allowed the criminal to go free where he should have been put to death. A death via public execution and where blood is spilled. None of this death by electrocution where no blood is spilled! The witnesses should not be just the witnesses and executioner at the prison but by the public. This is all biblical and required by God Almighty.

If you have seen the above video, no way should the jury allowed a mild sentence, and the same goes for the judge.

There are many court cases where the jury should see that words were added to the victim and to the accused and turn around and charge the defence lawyer for lying.

In the Bible we read the penalty for bearing false witness and that is for whatever the crime is for whatever the lying was for, that is the penalty. For example, if someone lied about rape on the witness stand, and it was found out, that person will have to be put to death.

Many years ago, horrific crime like we see today was very rare. In the 18th Century if something like this happened, it would be national news and it would be carried in the newspapers for weeks. Today, there are murders every day many cities of America and most of this doesn’t even make the newspapers any more. Under God’s laws, many innocent peoples lives would be saved.

For those who say that all of this is horrible, what they are saying is an accusation against God; that man’s laws are better than God’s laws. Anyhow, after a couple of trials like this and after a couple of pubic AND televised executions, there would be very few capital crimes committed in the country. Thus, thousands of lives will be saved as rape and murder will not be a common thing as it is today.

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