Musing For August 31

Social Experiment with Muslim Burkini

Burkini-ban  As you may know from the news that Muslim women wear a swimsuit that is called Burkini. (It’s far from being a bikini!) Well, on TV was a staged event – or social experiment as they call it now – where a cop approached a Muslim woman wearing one of these swimsuits. This took place in England. It was warm day so there was enough women on the beach to do this. He told her that it was illegal to wear such clothing. The play acting went along for awhile before several women – who were British and one Black – approach the cop to say what he was doing was wrong. In other words, they supported the Muslim woman! At this time it was revealed that it was all staged.

This shows how sick society is. Here we are being attacked as Christians in our own country by these Muslims, but apparently we are not being attacked enough for these so-called “do-gooders” coming to the AID of a Muslim. After the women surrounded the “policeman” it was revealed to them that it was all a gag.

Under God’s law, Muslim, along with those of other false religions should be removed. IF this was done in the first place, we would not have this problem. To correct it, we should do it God’s way!

A social experiment that you will not see

Now, suppose a social experiment was made but with a different script. You have a policeman talking to a Muslim in a Burkini but this time she pulls out a knife, grabs a younger girl and threatens to kill her. People see her pull her long-blade knife from under her clothing and grabs the girl. She shouts, “Allah is great.” What do you think the reaction would be? There would be screams and people running away. You can be sure that they would want to see the cop try to save the life of the girl and to arrest the Muslim woman; others would like to seem out of the country.

In short, people are easily swayed; they switch sides if it’s convenient and they will switch on a dime. They would lie and say they never supported such and so. This is just the way people are. What did the Apostle Peter do after Christ was arrested and he was surrounded by Jews? He denied he knew Christ.

The ironic thing is that if the wearing of burkini on the beach happened 20 years ago, no one would notice – there would be no complaints. People will look at them kind of weird. But the reason why we read about this now is the recent attacks by Muslims on Christians. This all started in the beaches of France and it was there, in Nice, that there was that attack by a Muslim driving a truck. I think that the reason why people want to have this ban is to stand up – even in a mild way – and say, “This is our country. We will not be turned into a Muslim country!”

UK Doctors only have 10 minutes to visit patients

I saw on the news of the complaint that UK doctors can only see patients for 10 minutes because they are over worked. The patients, of course, do not like this. So, the call is to change the system, in part, where the doctors can spend 15 minutes with patients as in other European countries (Wow!). When I heard this, I thought, they are really missing the whole point.

The first question people should ask themselves is, “Why are there so many sick people in the first place?” The reason is that the lifestyle of people is the most unhealthy one you can think of. You will not hear this being told to the people, namely, that they should have more raw vegetables and fruit, stay away from possessed foods, etc. Most doctors and all those in the pharmaceutical industry don’t want to hear it. It’s all because of “follow the money.”

There is a way to take care of all this sickness real quick and that is to educate the people in how to get well naturally and how to stay well naturally. Those that follow a healthy plan will get well, while those who don’t will remain sick. There should no more injections, radiation treatment, or chemotherapy. The only operations should be if its a life-threatening situation. And if the people don’t like this, they will just have to remain sick.

God’s way of getting well is fast, natural and free (sure you have to buy food, but you’d have to do that anyway). But this will not be done with the people now in power because they are making billions of dollars.

In a godly society there would be education in how to get well naturally – God’s way. This can be done in groups, in seminars and with handing out literature and videos.


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