A Practical Look at Donald Trump’s Campaign Promises

A Practical Look at Donald Trump’s Campaign Promises

Donald Trump made many campaign promises – the kind that people like to hear and what America needs. Some of the things that he said he’ll do are:

  • build a wall between America and Mexico
  • temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country
  • provide more care for veterans
  • provide more funding for the border patrol
  • get out of NAFTA

The above is a just a few of Trump’s promises BUT can they be implemented? No one seems to ask the important questions. The American public, INCLUDING the media, has not asked how he is going to do it.

Anyone who knows about how the US Government works knows that you have to have Congress to pass laws and provided funding. Do Trump’s followers really think that he can just go into the Oval Office, write out some orders, get on the phone and tell others what to do without Congress?

For example, were will he get the funding for the wall? Not only will he need the money, there would have to proceed a law to have this done. Where will he get the law that will ban Muslims from entering the country (which I think is a good thing and what America needs)?

We all know that the rest of the government is against Donald Trump; he certainly doesn’t have the support of the Republican party as we all know. He has a few politicians that are Republican that support him. But Trump needs to get a large percentage of Republican support, and he needs Democratic support in Congress to get bills passed, so, where are they? It takes laws to get more funding for the veterans; it takes laws to break treaties and create new ones; it takes laws to put tariffs to protect American workers.

If Trump wants to bring business back to America, he has to have laws that will eliminate the red tape they incurred that make them leave in the first place.

The American public thinks that Trump can just go in there, do what he wants and that’s it. We all know that the President has power, and some of that is beyond what the Constitution allows but with that in mind, he is not a complete dictator – not yet, anyway. Even with the power of the President, they still have to get bills passed, Congress can still veto the President’s proposals, so where will Trump get the support?

What will happen?

What could happen is when Trump tries to have something done and finds out he can’t he’ll say, “Sorry folks, I need the approval of Congress, and as you all know, they are against me.”

The only possible way Donald Trump can get the laws that he needs is, if he uses Presidential Executive Orders, what the EOs are is something that was started under the Franklin Roosevelt Administration in the 1930s. These Executive Orders are un-Constitutional as all get out but that doesn’t matter to Congress – even back in the 1930s. These Orders, and there are many of them, gives the President powers that only a dictator would have. In fact, Joe Stalin would have loved them. Anyhow, Trump could use this to his advantage but first he would have to establish martial law to do it. Then he could use this power to over ride Congress.

Just do your own research and find out about Presidential Executive Orders and the power that it would give him. So, does he know about them? Even if he does, will he use them? Only time will tell.

The Media Is Silent

We all know that the media is against Donald Trump as he is against the System as it stands now. So, they should know that Trump could not have his promises come to pass; they could have said what Trump wants will not come to pass – he doesn’t have support. But they are silent and this helps Trump not hurt him. So, what is up?

Could it just be with the media ignoring this point that there is a plan to fool the American public once again? I think so. This is just my theory but it makes sense and that is, after Trump gets in office he would say, “Sorry, I can’t get this new treaty, I can’t get the tariffs needed to protect the American worker.” So, in essence, it would be “business as usual.”

Again, time will tell.

Regardless, I don’t think there will be the changes that will be needed turn America around.

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