Full Frontal Attack to Save the White Race

What Most White Nationalist Don’t Realise

There is something that Most White Nationalist don’t realise what is needed to save the white race. In fact, I haven’t heard this from nearly all Christian Identity people, too. As for those who just call themselves Patriots, though I love them, they are ignorant of what I’m about to say.

When someone talks about saving the white race, most talks are on:

marry someone of you own race

encourage white people to have more babies

only allow white immigration

This about sums up the extent of what we hear. The talks and articles also include the current state of affairs as it relates to current events and current statistic of the above to make the talk more interesting but that is about all.

So, is this enough when talking about saving the white race? No, not by a long shot.

No one, and I mean no one talks about all the things that harm the white race (as well as the other races, too). Just stop and think of all the substances that harm our health and shorten our lives. Think of all the devices that are used to kill us off, then you get a better idea of what I’m about to say. But before I do, let’s go back to the above three items most White Nationalists talk about.

When talking to your own people, they fall into one of the following categories:

They are already married to a white person

They already have their white children

They can’t control who is allowed in the country

So, even if they agree with you, your white audience is doing all it can.

As for immigration, we know that we can’t do much more than writing to our Congressman – which is completely useless considering those in office today. So, no effect in helping the white race.

The most we can hope for when talking on the above subjects are that there will be new people who hear the message and then look for a partner who is white and have white children.

Now, back to the “frontal attack” in saving the white race…Think of all the substances that are making us sick, get diseases and die an early death? This is not a complete list but it’ll give you enough to work on.

Concerning food:

  • chemicals and additives in our food
  • chemicals in our water
  • eating the wrong kinds of food
  • certain drinks like the “energy drinks”


  • so-called “smart meters”
  • radio towers
  • microwave ovens
  • mobile phones
  • Medical procedures:
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation treatment
  • mammograms
  • most medicines
  • vaccinations
  • many types of operations

I’m sure you see what I’m getting at. All of the above in some way makes us sick, gives us disease, and shortens our lives Some of the chemicals makes us sterile. No babies, get it! Do you hear White Nationalists talk on these topics?

Christian Identity pastors, in part talk on this, but I stress – in part.

The ironic thing is that those who just call themselves Patriots and actually consider themselves race-mixers talk more on these topics. The alternative news sites might be mainline Christians and not know anything about Christian Identity or have anything to do with it, have articles on the above topics of health. So, at least people are informed. But the ironic thing is, they are doing more to help the white race than White Nationalists. Think about this for a minute.

There are those who consider themselves race-mixers and would have nothing to do with White Christian Nationalist, YET do more to help the white race. An example is, Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com He recently came out to say that he considers himself an American Indian; that his great grandmother was Indian. That means he is, as he admitted, 1/16 Indian. (Wow, that really makes him an Indian, lol). His website, if you are not familiar with it, is mostly on how to stay healthy and how to regain health; he has literally thousands of articles on this topic. Adams also talks on the New World Order. He is not a racialist or anti-semitic as he would empathetically tell you that, yet, he probably has helped more white people live longer than any White Nationalist.

All Identity people are White Nationalists, too. OK, there might be some Identity sect that would deny this but that just shows that they don’t know Scripture. Aside from that, we need more Identity White Nationalists not secular or lukewarm Christian White Nationalists, and with that we have to cover other areas where our people are being destroyed. By the way, in Hosea, 4:2, we are told we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. And this is what we have been given by relying on people we think has all the answers.

The next article will talk more on the above list that shortens white peoples lives. (See, Full Frontal Attack on White Race 2.)

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