Full Frontal Attack on the White Race, part 2

Saving the White Race

This article will not be filled with technical words and references, as this news has to get out. I’ll let someone else who has more time to do that. Thus, I will talk in general terms that everyone can understand; anything more I encourage you to do your own research.

The list, as printed in the last article is:

Concerning food:

  • chemicals and additives in our food
  • chemicals in our water
  • eating the wrong kinds of food
  • certain drinks like the “energy drinks”


  • so-called “smart meters”
  • radio towers
  • microwave ovens
  • mobile phones
  • Medical procedures:
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation treatment
  • mammograms
  • most medicines
  • vaccinations
  • many types of operations


Just about everyone is clued up on the additives that are added to our food, including many that are carcinogenic. Yet, this is not added as part of “persevering the white race.” Why is that? Not only do we have chemicals in our food supply but we have it in our water and in our air.

What we can do concerning food is simply buy as much food close to nature as possible. There’s a saying that if you have to read the ingredients that are more than what the food item is, you shouldn’t be buying it.

When you are buying your food, you should avoid GMO food, as this causes tumours in rats. If you live in the US, you have to look for food that specifically say that it is not GMO. No longer can you rely on the absence of the word “genetically modified” to mean it has none, as a recent law was passed that Monsanto (and others) don’t have to label their products.

By choosing your food from the produce department, that, alone will help you to live longer.

Mobile Phones

The microwaves that come from mobile phones causes cell damage. For children, this is especially dangerous and can cause tumours on the brain. If you have to use an iphone, use it sparingly and don’t have this next to your body when you are not using it. Don’t spend time on it playing games, using the apps and constantly texting others.

Don’t live or work under a microwave tower as you’ll be exposing yourself to more of this deadly radiation.

Do not live under or with 100 yards of high power lines, as this contains high levels of extremely low frequency waves.

Modern Medicine

There are some white nationalists that think that modern medicine (allopathy) is the best thing that the white race has invented. I sometimes wonder what side they really on, as this is truly junk-science. It’s a field that is controlled by Jews and its direction that it has headed in was jewish control from the start. Just read about Rockefeller and his changing America from a homoeopathic field of research to one that is now allopahtic.

More deaths are caused by doctors than any other field. It was admitted in the New England Journal of Medicine back in 1999 that about 150,000 deaths per year were caused by prescribed medicine in the United States. That is doctor approved! Now, think if people were using some natural form of healing, such as eating right, getting sunshine, having certain medicinal herbs, drinking fresh vegetable juices and such. Think of the thousands of people each year would be alive in in the US! Think of this in terms of the other white nations of the world.

The full frontal attack on the white race is being done by the modern conveniences of society along with “science so-called,” as the Apostle Paul said in the Bible.

How many good people who know about preserving their race are not told anything on the above. So, they believe in keeping separate and keeping their Christian culture intact, but wind up dying an early death because they are not told the truth of what GMO foods do, of what aspartame (artificial sweeteners) and the rest of it?

I encourage you to do your own research. Do a Google search or a YouTube search for the above. You might want to search for things such as: cancer cure, diabetes cured, or what ever condition you have.

As for health research, I highly recommend that you go to naturalnews.com. Do a YouTube search on Markus Rothkranz (not a Jew) and see his videos. You can add David Wolf, too.


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