White Nationalists: Dissecting What They Say

What White Nationalists Are Not Telling You

There are White Nationalists (WN) who give a great talk on our dwindling numbers of white people; of the attack on our heritage and culture. They give statistics as to the numbers of non-white immigrants that are coming into our country and other white countries of the world. All of this is good. They also cover current news events of attacks on white people – but there is a lot more to this that they don’t tell you about.

The problem that I have with most WN is, that the solution they give – IF ANY – is a weak one. They are great at telling what the problems are but that’s it. In fact, most articles that are written, for example, about the problems and no solution at all. What does this do for the people? It leaves them hopeless, depressed and frustrated.

The people who care about their race, after hearing what many WN say, might even get so mad that they do something irrational and take their anger out at someone or some group.

The correct solutions are not given, the White Nationalist don’t talk about WHY such things happen in the first place. Those that do, it’s not the REAL REASON WHY we are in the situation we are today. The reason the “why” and the “solution” is not given is that these White Nationalists don’t know their Bible.

Belief of What Nationalists

The different categories of beliefs of WN are:



Agnostic or atheist

Those that call themselves Christians, you would never know it, as they might say in one of their many articles but not in the rest. I’m not saying you have to say, “I’m a Bible believing Christian” in each article. But by not saying anything in reference to God, the Bible or following God’s laws in their articles or audios, you’d never know that they are Christian.

Then you have the pagans – no difference from any other heathen.

Finally, you have the agnostic or atheist. Why they are in the White man’s battle, I’ll never know but they are there. Naturally, those that are not Christian will not have the solution to our problems. And those who say they are Christians but really hold on to a Judeo-Christian belief will not have the answer, either. After all, we must not believe in what the Old Testament says; we must just focus on the nice words of the New Testament – as opposed to ALL the words of the New Testament.

What is The Reason Why

“What is the reason “why” White Nationalist don’t know the answer?” To know the reason why, is to know how we got into the situation we have today. If you read chapter 28 of Deuteronomy, it sums it all up. In short, God said if you do this, I’ll do that; if you don’t do this, you will have these problems. Kindly take time and read this whole chapter than continue reading.

Books can be written and have been written about the blessings and curses and about following God’s laws, but this will be getting off the main topic of this article.

To sum up, the reason why America, Canada, Europe and other white nations have the problems they do is that we do not follow the laws of Yahweh, God. But when we do, we get the blessings. Anything short of this will not produce the blessings that we should have.

What is The Solution

The solution is that the nation should return to God’s laws, statues and judgements. We should repent of our personal sins and the sins of our nation.

Now, as Bible believing Christians, there are other things that we should do. It’s one thing that we, as individuals know what we should do – that will not get the Muslims and other heathens out of our country. They will remain here until enough of our people come to know God’s words and repent. But, God gave us a mind, the ability to reason and logic and we are to use it.

What we can do in the meantime are some common sense things such as:

spread God’s word where and when we can

avoid the areas that are filled with Muslims, blacks and other such people

be on the alert when any walk past you

learn self defense

move to a white area if you can

More detail could be written on each one of the above, but to keep this article short, I’ll just talk on the self defense area, and even in this area, I’ll have to keep it short.

Learn street fighting

When I say learn self defense, I’m not talking about some forum of martial arts but what is known as street fighting. The reason why I say this is, that even those who have a black belt in karate, will tell you that when it comes to street fighting, they are not prepared. Now, this I’ve heard from other people who spent years in the martial arts then finally learned about street fighting. They will tell you that martial arts, there are certain rules. In street fighting there are no rules – anything goes! When learning street fighting you DON’T need years of practice, you don’t need to memorise the moves so it become second nature. Most importantly, you don’t need strength or agility.

It’s important that you know basic street fighting techniques in light of all the crime on the streets – and even in the homes. You can learn how to effectively defend yourself by taking a street fighting course in person. If that is not possible, you can buy a DVD course and practice with some friend. Though this is not the best way it’s better than nothing.

Below is an example of two videos and one talk on the subject.

In many nations today, you can’t own a gun, as you don’t have the freedom. So, you will have to rely on defending yourself with your own hands and feet.

In your practice, you will want to know how to defend yourself if the other person has a knife. Now, I know that just the thought of defending yourself when you have no weapon and the other person has a knife is a horrible thought but the day might come that you have to know this. But to do nothing, or to do something ineffective will mean or could mean death for you. Don’t listen to the liberals that say, “Just do as they say.” No, “just doing as they say” could still get you raped or killed. At least fighting back you have a change; knowing how to fight back effectively, you have a greater chance of getting away without harm. Again, a whole book can be written on this subject, and I know that there will be critics out there saying, “But, but…” So, I’ll just leave it at this – that there are effect ways of fighting back.

The fact that street fighting techniques are being taught to the police means that this type of self defense is effective.

Back to the main topic of what White Nationalist say

I have never heard White Nationalists give suggestions of how to defend yourself. And, IF they do, it must be rare as I never heard this. If they really want to help the White race, then they better put in their article something about self defense, or just a link or a short one-liner if nothing else.

To get an idea of what I mean about street fighting, here is one video to see. There are a ton more on YouTube – some good, some bad. But you can find and learn a lot just on the internet.

Premier Self Defence

Self Defense against common attacks

The Paradox of Violence by Tim Larkin

One of the best instructors on street fighting is Tim Larkin. Here is a video on YouTube. His course has nation-wide acclaim and he has been interviewed in many publications.

Lenin said to control the opposition is to be the opposition

To listen to the average white nationalist talk about the problems is fine for people who are new to what is going on. But, sadly to say, there is much more the new people have to learn – such as the biblical solution to our problems. We will NOT solve our problems by just voting for a WN candidate; we will not solve our problems by just getting certain groups of people out of our country. It takes much more than that.

Getting certain groups out of the country, like the Muslims will not solve our problems. Think about it. Yes, it will solve the problem with the Muslims but what about all our other problems? What about the homosexuality, the paedophilia, the vaccines that they are almost forcing us to take? We have to get back to God’s laws and if this will not be address by the WN, they are not the people to look forward to.

Lenin once said, and he was right, “To control the opposition is to be the opposition.” Could it just be that there are some who are White Nationalists are actually part of the controlled opposition? I think this is the case with some people.

In order to know what the enemy is doing, you got to put yourself in their shoes. If you were the enemy wouldn’t you want someone “who looks like they are opposed to the government” say things that sound good on the surface but have no real effect? In short, by talking about the problem allows the opposition to vent off steam without really going after the crooks in office. If you were the enemy as long as violence is not used, why do you care if someone talks about you? If the opposition has no answers, why do you care?

Is it any wonder why there is no Bible reading in schools any more? Why there is an attack on Christianity in the movies? Is it any wonder why, of all groups, the Jews hate the Christian Identity people the most? It’s because we have the answers and they don’t want the people to know about it.

In short, and sad to say again, that what White Nationalists do is: They tell about the problem but not the real solution. Many times they give no solution at all but just talk about what the Mexicans are doing, etc. So, you are left with the implied answer that there is nothing else we can do with the exception of: “Vote for me. Send your money to my party, etc.”

In short, what most White Nationalist do is present the problem but leave you with nothing you can really do. And then the people go about their daily business until they read the next article or see the next video about some other problem. Is it any wonder why there has been no change?


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