Preserving the White Race by Starting With Yourself

Cancer Out Side the Box

The Bible tells us how to stay healthy and how to recover if you are already sick. While some alternative health practitioners may not know biblical health laws, what they don’t realise is what they do tell you lines up with the Bible. An example is in this video here.

In light of the White race being over run by non-whites and with Muslim immigration, there is one way to fight back; something that we can do personally, and that is to take care of our health. One way to do that is to know the truth about how to regain health – no matter what disease you have now; and, how to stay healthy. You can’t learn this from medical doctors, you’ve got to “think outside the box.” And one way to do that is to educate yourself. Check out this video about cancer.

I will shortly put up a new topic on the Home page of this blog that will be on alternative healing.

 Three Secrets to stop cancer



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