Crazy News for August 2 2016

Heinrich Himmler’s “Diaries” Discovered

Here is some crazy news that I came across today. One was the “discovery” of the diaries of Heinrich Himmler. This appeared in the the UK Daily Mail.

Of course, the godless newspaper editor had to demonise Himmler by using such words as “monster” and “mass murderer.” So, don’t be surprised that this is a fake, too, like the so-called Hitler Diaries. Remember that? It was found out that it was written recently but on old paper that was found in Germany. This was back in the 1980s, I think.

Be that as it may, the article goes on how Heinrich almost fainted because of the brains of the Jew got on his coat. We were told that 10 Polish Jews were executed – naturally, they don’t tell you what crimes against humanity the did. Anyhow, think of this “brains from a Jew got on Himmler’s coat.” Since when did they have people being executed stand close enough any soldier, much less the highest ranking SS officers, Heinrich Himmler? No way. The obvious reason is, that there would be risk of him being shot. All onlookers would stay behind the firing line – they would not be standing next to the person being shot. Remember, the Germans did not kill others like the Jewish NKVD with a bullet behind the head at close range. These people were put against a wall and shot from a distance.

Anyhow, if you like to see a glimpse of how it was in Hitler’s Germany, check out this video. While you are watching it, compare this to how it is in Europe today, how it is in Germany today – with Muslims and other non-white taking over cities and harassing and raping White women.


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