Liberal Response To Out Sourcing

How to Debate a Globalist

I read what is a typical response by liberals and New World Order people on out sourcing. This guy, gave his view on out sourcing; who wrote the book, “The Earth is Flat” (which has noting to do with the flat earth but just used as a metaphor).

I will give the highlights of what he said and make my comments on each point later.

He said he grew up in New London Connecticut where they once build boats but now they have all closed down. Then he said the region changed. He went on to say it happened to companies that made shoes (in other states) and textiles in North Carolina. Now, textile companies buy in China.

He went on to say that change is natural; work gets done wherever it’s done most effectively and efficiently. But in the long run he says it helps towns like New London and states like North Carolina, as this frees up people where it can do more sophisticated work and frees up capital.

With products made elsewhere more cheaply it benefits customers and corporations.


Now, let me make some comments on the above.

First, I would like to say to keep this in mind with the Presidential campaign going on in the United States now between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary is for out sourcing and Donald is for bringing jobs home.

Boats being made in New London

These boats are being made by other people somewhere, so there is still a need. Talking to NWO people and those who believe in globalization, these boats can still be made in New London (and any other place they were made). They were profitable then, bought by other Americans. The skilled labor was already in place, the capital was there and the machinery. So, there was no need for these manufactures to close down.

Shoes and textiles

What you can say about boats you can say for shoes, textiles and virtually every other product out there. What was once started to be manufactured in America should still have been made there. Let’s take a look at the facts. If we look at boats, we had the skilled labor, the machinery, the captial and the customers. So, why on earth should they have closed?

If you look at textiles, for example, we had the skilled workers, the plants, the capital and the customers. So, why should they have closed down?

There is no reason for these companies to have closed just to open up again in a foreign country to be made by other people. Yes, what was made here cost more than what it costs in India, for example, but so what. Americans could afford to buy what was made in America. So, cost is not the real reason why these manufacturing companies closed.

We had everything in place for these companies (and many others) to continue in business in America.


We were told that change is good and to be expected. Yes, change is good IF IT’S NECESSARY. But we have seen that it was not necessary. The very fact that people still need boats, shoes and clothing, these businesses should still be doing business here – in America by American workers – not half way around the world.

Why should people, many of them skilled, lose their jobs when their products are still in demand? They should still be able to work until they retire. One exception for change is, for example, there is not the demand for making wagons and wagon wheels because of the automobile. This is a true case for change because the demand are now for automobiles and not for wagons.

The capital does not have to go anywhere, it can stay right here. When something different comes along, when there is “sophistication” comes along, the money is already here. This word “sophistication” used by Thomas, should have been been “complex” which I think is what he meant; this complex thing can be made here, too. Just like we have simple things made and complex things made together and throughout our history, the same can be done today.

A plant that makes hard drives for computer can be made in the same town by a company that makes leather belts. What’s the problem? There isn’t any!

In the so-called “old model” of the way things were made in America (or in your country, wherever you live), why make things “more cheaply” in some slave-labor country? The products were already sold and had been sold for many years in America.

Why are products and services outsourced?

There are several reasons why products and services are outsourced. I don’t claim to have them all listed here but here are the major ones:


to bring America down

“nation building”

The companies that moved over seas years ago benefited the most as there were still enough people working who made good money who could buy the cheaper products. Thus, these companies saw more profit. But as time went on, as more people became unemployed, people had no choice but to buy foreign made products – for two primary reasons. 1 – They had less money, so the cheaper was more attractive. 2 – Customers had no other choice as all the other companies that made the same product either went out of business or, they, too, went over seas to open up shop.

Believe it or not, there are evil people who are trying the best they can to bring American down (and your nation, too, if you live in Europe). Everything you can think of – short of war – to bring a nation down is what is happening now. So, this is not by accident. One way to do this is by outsourcing.

“Nation building,” is another reason. But this is just a nice sounding term used by evil rulers. They really don’t give a damn about other nations, they are just there to employ people, work them like slaves in order to make products as cheap as possible so as to make as much profit as possible.

If all of this is to bring prosperity, as Thomas claims in his book, it’s is not. I wonder if he ever went back to his town of New London since his book was written, which was in 2005 and look at it? He would see poverty.

The ironic thing is, is what New London has now – according to Thomas. What he said is really a mark against him. He said that there is a casino there and a pharmaceutical companies. He implies that it’s great. How sick! Both gambling and taking drugs are ADDICTIONS; one destroys your finances and the other your health. Has he thought about that? What is good about addictions?

In thousands of towns across America and in sections of every city you have closed up shops, vacant factories and homes. You have ghettos that are growing larger and larger, and with it, you have high crime areas. This is the outcome of outsourcing!

The customer is NOT BENEFITING. The only ones who are, are the owners of these corporations. Their billions of dollars of net worth comes from taking from millions of former productive people.

Thomas said that the more “complex” things will take the place of these other companies. Yes, some have sprung up but mainly in Silicon Valley and not in the towns of “Main Street, USA.” And once these new products, these new inventions come on line; once the system is streamlined, these products, too, move to places like China and India.

Other Dangers of Outsourcing

There are other dangers of outsourcing, aside from the obvious like unemployment, and that is it makes America (and certain other countries) completely relying on other countries for their needs; needs that they could have fulfilled themselves. What if we go to war with India, for example, where will we get many of the everyday products that we rely on but no longer make? Are we to say to our enemy, “Hey, can be buy some shoes for us? Can be buy some jackets to keep us warm?”

It has gotten so bad that some parts of our military equipment and fighter jets are made over seas! This is crazy. If we go to war with a nation that makes some of the parts that we need in the military, we would have to surrender. Never in the history of the world has a nation done something as stupid as this. This is what I mean that some people are deliberately destroying America.


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