Crazy News for 27 July 2016

Crazy News for 27 July 2016

I think that I will start making Posts about commenting on the news and adding my comments. I’ll do this as time allows. This way, all you guys know that this is a live blog and not one where there is just “copy and paste,” as so many others have. Yes, I will have “copy and paste” articles and videos but it will also have current news. This, I hope, will make our Christian studies more relevant.

OK, at this time there is the Democratic National Convention going on. You want to know what Hillary is all about? Just do a YouTube search with the words “Hillary Clinton Exposed,” as an example. There, you’ll find a lot of dirt on her. Of course, you also saw the previous Post on Hillary. And you saw what immigration does in the Post before that. You might also want to type in the name: Bill Clinton or William Clinton Exposed.

Now, what about all these killings done by Muslims, the latest is that a Catholic Priest was killed along with two nuns. All they have to do is keep doing this, and the White people will rise up in righteous indignation and demand their politicians do something. And, if they don’t – well, it’s either them or us. At least people are seeing the true colors of these Muslims.

Donald Trump

When I saw (a small part of) the Democratic Convention, and all the mindless people cheering, I thought, these people deserver more taxes and less freedom. This is how Yahweh, God treats His people until they learn.

I just hope that Donald Trump takes a look at some of these expose videos on Hillary and use some of this information when he hits the campaign trail again and especially when he debates her face to face. He probably already is having someone work on this now.

Will all our problems be solved? NO. First, I like to see what he really does, secondly, as we all know that the President doesn’t hold the real power. He’ll try to get something done and will not; he probably will be told to back off or else.

Donald Trump said he, “…will restore our depleted military.” This is one (of several points) that I disagree on. We SHOULD decrease spending on our military as we spend more than the rest of the world combined. This is bankrupting us. The U.S. spent $500 billion last year while Russia only spent $50 billion. We should close most of our foreign military bases. Do you know how many we have overseas? 800! Now, that is disgusting. Think of how this money can help those that are out of work; how it can rebuild our infrastructure, how it can help re-start manufacturing at home!

We should never be the world police – no one should. Let each nation protect themselves.

U.S. Military Base in Turkey

We have a base in Turkey that is still being sealed off by the Turkish government. My guess is, that they will use this as a ransom to get that other cleric back who is now in Pennsylvania (whatever his name is).

Turkey is a member of NATO, and as a member, they have been trained by U.S. Troops in how to dismantle, transport and set up the nuclear bombs there. IF America had the right leadership, we would warn Turkey to allow food, fuel and electric in there or else. The “or else” would be to bomb them. The military coup in Turkey was a fake set up by Erdogan as an excuse to get out of office, to arrest, and, perhaps execute his opposition. Well, he might win this round but the next coup might be real and that will be the end of him.

Let me go and see what other crazy thing is happening…I won’t be surprised to find another Muslim rampage (or a false flag of one) in the next day’s mail.


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