The Values of Donald Trump and His Family

The values of Donald Trump and his family is a good testimony of Trump the father. His children and wife, Melania, whom he has been married for 18 years. What they said is a good example of a good family life.

Critics and those who are against Christian values will say, “Sure, his kids came out good. Trump could afford to send them to the best schools and universities. He can afford them fine cloths so they look good in public wherever they go.”

People are quick to say that it’s Donald Trumps money that made the children, when, in fact it has little to do with it. Sure, his children did go to fine schools and had a good education but consider this: look at how many children from wealthy families who turned out to be brats, think that they are better than the rest, and have no work ethic. You see this with other rich people but you don’t see this with Trump’s children.

Do you think that if Trump just drop them off in school and let the teachers and classmates have total influence they would have turned out as they did? No. They would be lazy and they would think that society owns them something. And, what business they would have learned would be on how to milk the public in some way. Children would not turn out good if you don’t put in time showing them good values, and take interest in what they are doing.

If you listened to Donald’s son, Donald Trump Jr., you would have heard him say how he was taken to board meetings as a child where he listened to what was going on. This showed Donald the father, took interest in his education, which included business skills. You don’t learn this in some ivory league college.

Usually, in some ivory league college you join secret societies where members are given preferential treatment in business. Where people learn how to think and act in an non-Christian manner.

By not watching your children, letting them grow up by a nanny, and by just giving them money to buy Lamborghinis, children grow up to be materialist, and, generally, heartless people. We have all seen this, it’s not a matter of debate. But Trump’s children are different – they were taught values to live by. Values in family life and business life.

If Donald Trump came out and said, “You should do this, you should do that when you raise a family,” you can be that the liberals and modern-day Communist would have gone wild. Even the media would have nasty words to say to him. But, what could they say now? When I say “they” I’m including the anti-Trump crowed which includes:

  • Homosexuals
  • Common criminals
  • Left-wing liberals
  • Communists
  • Non-Christians of all sorts
  • Modern-day New Agers
  • And, “anything goes” crowd

Of course, this would include the media, the educational system and the government of the United States. They would all be shouting words to the effect, “Who is he pushing his morality on the people? What is Trump trying to do, establish a Christian theocracy!” (A Christian theocracy is what we should have but that is another topic.)

But with Donald Trump simply having his children come out, give a speech in their own words, tell them about the values they have as a family and in their business life; by simply speaking well and showing themselves as they really are, what could the opposition say? As the Bible says, “the heathen rages.” In this case, since no words were said, the heathen, in turn can’t say anything.

Many years ago I went to a Christian meeting where there was a reporter for a newspaper there. The children were well behaved, respectful of adults, were dressed nice and played well. Keep in mind this was years ago but still it was NOT the norm then. I just imagine how much MORE different it would be now. Anyhow, it was written in the newspaper by someone with really sick values, of “how horrible” it was with children minding parents, and “how they were like the children in ‘Leave It To Beaver.’” Yes, this is actually what this reporter said. In other words, she thought that this was not normal. (For those who don’t know about ‘Leave It To Beaver’ it was a TV show in the late 1950s early 60s, where children were respectful to parents.) So, this is how twisted some people’s thinking is. Who knows, there might be some article appearing in newspapers or on websites talking in a similar manner in the coming weeks when the campaign gets closer to election day, making snide comments about Trump’s children.

In fact, there has already been sick comments by some report about what Melania said. The Business Insider said that she plagiarised a speech by Michelle Obama in 2008. Let’s assume she did, what makes plagiarism when it’s a phrase? You have to copy whole sections of a talk or a book to be that. There are only certain number of ways to say something. And compared to Michelle, what Melania is staying is the truth but we all know the Obamas and how they lie. Then, you have the media lying, too.

You can have one person say one thing, making one promise and never fulfilling it and another person actually doing what he said he’s going to do.

If you look at people who campaigned for President and compared their speeches with others, you’ll find A LOT of the same phrases. Yet, they are never accused of plagiarism. Why? For two reasons that I can think of.

1 – There are only so many ways to say a common desire of something that needs improvement. For example, talking about crime, a politician will say, “I will lower crime,” or “We’ll be tough on crime.” These are one-liners addressing a common problem; one-liners is something that the people can remember and it can be said fast when you don’t have much time to talk. Therefore, the ways you can say it is very limited. How many times have your heard the above phrases? Probably plenty! And you’ll hear more in the future, yet others are not charged with plagiarism; the media knows, the general public knows that there are only a couple of ways you can say many things. Therefore, by law, plagiarism has to look at the whole speech, report or book to determine if something is copied.

2 – The other reason why you hear the charge of plagiarism is, that Donald Trump is hated by the media and the “powers-that-be,” that is why it’s brought up. You can bet if Hillary or one of her supporters said something that said before, there would not be a charge of plagiarism. All it is, is a sick attack by non-Christian minds on the person that they hate.

Another cheap attack on Melania Trump is that her English was not good. What a LIE! If you heard the speech you know what I mean. There is no support at all for saying this. Does she have an accent? Yes, but that is not an indication of poor speech. Everyone could be understood, NO subtitles were used; her grammar was good; her diction was good, too.

What few people know is that Melania speaks 5 languages! How many languages does the reporter who said this speak? One probably! Melania speaks Slovenian, English, German, French and Serbian. How is that for, hopefully, a First Lady?

Anyhow, my hat is off to Donald J. Trump.

What many people don’t realise is, that the family unit is the building block of a nation. When you look at American families, they have evolved into what families should not be. Parents don’t spend time with their children, the children are disobedient to their parents, and they are not taught any Christian values. Many people don’t know who their father is; others rarely see their father. This is the state of the family in America today.

When Donald Trump Jr. was interviewed by Fox News, he said that it’s rare that a person has a successful business and a good family (or words to that effect), and that is true. Usually businessmen have a great business but poor family life, or a good family and a poor business. But that is because the person focus on one and ignores the other. But with Donald Trump, he shows you “how to walk and chew gum at the same time.” In other words you can have both if you work on your family life and your business.

Throughout history people who are smart usually have small families – which is sad. But with Donald Trump, he broke the trend again, as he has a large family. Most Americans have one child and a dog, but with Trump, I think he has five children. Trump Jr. has five children and you can be sure that they are brought up the same way.

You don’t have to have your own business, you don’t have to be the CEO to instruct your children. If you are an employee where you don’t even have any people under you, you can still set a good business example for your children.

To set a good business example for your children, the first thing you have to do as a father or mother is, to learn it yourself. There are plenty of books, tapes and videos to learn how. In fact, you can read some of Trump’s books on the subject. When you learn this, you can then teach your children. Teach them the value of hard work, honesty, loyalty and friendship. Show them the need to save now and buy later and NOT buy now on credit and wind up paying all that interest later. Simple things like goes a long way.

It was Ivanka, I think, that said that as a child she had to work to save up to get a bike; as a young child she didn’t know her father was rich. But knowing that your father or mother is rich is not the point, the point is, that in order to instil the value of money, make your children earn it. One of the worst things you can do for your child is to give them everything they want.

While other rich kids wind up destroying their lives and fortunes, Trump’s children and grandchildren will still have Christian values. And this will continue to the next generation UNLESS the correct up bringing changes to that of the world.

Another unique thing about Donald Trump compared to other people who ran for President is, that with few exceptions, Trump has written books on finance and business. He left a record for us to read and study so that, we, too, can have a better life. He also had Trump University, which the US government closed down. However, Trump says that he plans to start it again after a court case that is coming up. With Trump University, people will be able to learn more about success. With success in family life, business life and government is what American needs; what the world needs, too.

God willing, Americans will be conducting their family life God’s way.


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