Fear of Using the “M” Word

Fear of Using the “M” Word

Political correctness has reached the point where politicians and citizens are afraid of using the “M” word (referring to Muslims). We have heard the Nice attacks in France, where the President of France said “We must live with terrorism!” We have member of the EU saying the same thing. Then you have the mayor of Nice booed as he came out to the memorial services held in that city.

In Germany we had a crazed Muslim attacking people on a train with a hatchet, seriously wounding 15 people.

You have the President of Turkey who set up a false flag military coup, where he later had over 7,000 policemen arrested along thousands of judges and soldiers.

But let’s focus on the Muslims, as this is the biggest problem facing white Christians. Politicians, the media and academia are careful not to use the word “Muslim” or to say it’s a Muslim problem, when, quite plainly it is. You had major media outlets such as CNN and the New York Times using the words “Truck attack” when describing the murder of 84 people in Nice. When, what should have been used was “Muslim man murders 84 people.”

The media goes on to describe the attacker, that he is from Tunis, his age and that he just holds a residency card, but its seems like the Establishment is afraid to use the “M” word. They think that the problem will go away if it’s not used; that the public will be fooled; and so more Muslim would be allowed in without opposition. Well, people ARE seeing through the lies of the real problems.

There was published online a couple of years ago in a Muslim publication of using trucks to kill people. Now we have it happening.

You have President Hollande of France saying that we “must live with terror.” what kind of answer is that?! Saying that is EXACTLY what ISIS wants the people to believe. This fits perfectly with their plan of world conquest as this will allow them to kill more. After all, “the people will just have to live with it.” More like “they will have to die with it.” Anyhow, this statement tells the people that this President and his party is totally incapable of leading the nation. If it was just Hollande making a crazy statement, then you should have heard other party members shouting his ouster and denouncing what he said. When you “have to live with terror,” it means that they are not capable of correcting the situation or willing to – and it’s more like the latter.

With statements like this, with a lack of correct action, tells us that it’s time that people vote for another party, perhaps the nationalist party of Le Pen. All of this is spreading to other European nations, as all of the current leaders are not using the “M” word. At most the politicians are telling our women how to dress or not to go out alone rather than getting at the source of the problem.

The source of the problem are Muslims – plain and simple. They should all be sent back. Now, many will say that this is hateful, bigot, racist, but who cares what they say. The problem has to be addressed.

Liberals, antichrist Communists and fellow-travelers say that it’s only a few, only the radical element. OK, let’s look at this to see if this is the case.

First, I want to say that I know that the whole Muslim community is NOT going out and killing Christians but look at what they are NOT doing.

Any time there is an incident, (and there are thousand of individual attacks in communities across your nation) what have the other Muslims done? Nothing.

For example, take a larger Muslim attack – the ones that make national new coverage. After the killing, you have people go out and have peaceful memorial gatherings. Ask yourself this: do you see Muslim joining in, giving support, giving money to Christian charities? No, at the most you might see so Amman in some Mosque give a few words of condolence and that is it. Do you see Muslims in their own community rounding up other radicals and bringing them in to the police? No. So, were are the “Muslims that are on our side?”

If Muslim really want to live peacefully in our society, why don’t they follow the laws and the common sense of good behavior? They don’t.

Do you see any Muslim fighting in the military going off to Syria or Iran? No. I think that it’s a very rare thing to see Muslims fighting Muslims. Yet, unfortunately, we have had Christian fighting Christian, Caucasian nation fighting Caucasian nation, such as we’ve seen in WWI and WWII.

Radical action is needed in radical situations. What if we did (in our respective countries) sent all the Muslim back to where they came from. Would our nation collapse? Of course not. Think of a time, such as during the 1930s when there were no Muslims in most of Europe. Did they experience a truck going through crowds of people? Where there rapes of White women happening on a daily bases? Did you have no-go areas in cities and towns in your nation? Of course not. It was peaceful and FREE.

Can two walk together that are not in agreement? Can the blind lead the blind without both falling in a ditch?

You can not have a nation with divergent religions and races. Each have their own aims and goals and each wants their laws as the laws of the land. It’s like mixing steel and sand – it will not produce a strong finished product. So it is with a nation.


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