How to stop the Police Killings

How To Stop The Police Killings

A big question on many people’s mind in America is, how do you stop the police killings? Here are my thoughts on this and what I believe is a Christian solution.

First we have to look at recent history to see how we got to where we are today. Over the past decade or two the police have become more and more militarized. They have gotten armoured vehicles, automatic equipment and, in general, more powerful weapons. In addition to this, they have also got body protection that goes far beyond the simple bullet proof vest. What this does is gives the appearance of aggression; a look like ‘robo-cops’ out to destroy. This is not good for PR – a very bad public image, as if to say, “We’re going to get your a**.”

Then, you have the police training and from what I’m told is based on “us (police) against them (citizens)” mentality.

Then, you have the killing by the cops. This is the real bases of why there’s retaliation. This is where changes have to be made, and here is what I feel needs to be done:

1 – Each person that is killed (as well as those wounded), that case should be looked into. There should be a public observation of the investigation with all the evidence shown.

2 – When a cop is found to have used excessive force, he should be tried for a crime just like as if a citizen committed this. This trial should be publicly broadcast in the city and state of what happened.

3 – If found guilty, the penalty for whatever he done should be served. If he killed someone that was not a threat, as determined by a jury, and if that state has capital punishment, then that cop should be given the sentence.

4 – Finally, a public government announcement should be made with words to the effect, “No one is above the law including the police.”

Then, when the above is done, with it being public, and video recordings of this, it will serve the public that justice had been done. What has caused this problem is that the police who were involved in the killings are given ‘a slap on the wrist’ and still able to serve as a policeman. ALL police departments must be transparent and the police should not protect each other just because he/she is a policeman.

With all of this, keep in mind that for shooting that was justified, the results of that event should be made public, too; the person shown to be a criminal and that lethal force was necessary in that incident.

If cops say that they would not want to serve on the force with those conditions, as listed above, they should leave. This will sift out those who have bad intentions, and that is exactly what should be done.

Under those conditions, the public – which includes blacks AND white – should be satisfied. This will stop the cop shootings. The reason why we have the cop shootings in the first place is that people don’t feel that justice is being done. And UNTIL the public feels that cops are no better than the public when it comes to the law, the shooting will continue; it’s “them verse us mentality” and it’ll be a long war.

Now, with that said, what should ALSO be done is that all the military type vehicles, weapons and body armour should be given back to the Feds or turned over to the military. This should be made public and with this public video announcement, there should the reason given for doing this.

The reason given should be along these lines:

  • It’s un-Constitutional for the police to be militarized.

  • The citizens are not your enemies.

  • We do not want a police state (which is what this equipment would help bring in).

Without a police state there’ll be less of a chance of having a dictator, though he might still call himself “President.”

If actions like the above are not taken, than that means the government and the police departments are really not serious about stopping cop shootings; that there must be another agenda for continuing this. And that agenda, I think, IS to bring in a full antichrist police state.


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