What Can We Expect From non-Christians in Government?

What Can We Expect From non-Christians in Government?

Many people, including Christians, don’t think there’s anything wrong with having non-Christians in government. They reason “After all, we have had non-Christians in government for 100 years or more. What harm is there?

Others would go further and say, “What do you want, a theocracy? Are you a bigot, a religious fanatic?”

I’m here to say there’s a lot wrong with having non-Christians in government – the last century proved it. In the last 100 years over 20 million Russians were murdered; 60 million Chinese; 6 million Ukrainians; and, millions of Eastern Europeans.

This was all done by the antichrists Communists. How’s that for starters?

Liberals say, “Well, that’s the Communists. I’m talking about non-Christians that are not Communist – what’s wrong with that? In fact, I’m quite happy with the government we have now.”

I’ll use the U.S. as an example, since I know more about it than other countries. If you are from another first world country you probably have a similar situation.

In the U.S. under non-Christians that are NOT Communists, there have been 10s of millions of abortions since it had become legal back in the 1970s. That’s innocent babies murdered. How’s that for starters?

Now, you may say, “But the politicians say they are Christians!” They may say they are “Christians” but what good is it if they don’t have Christian laws? The Bible says that abortion is murder.

American politicians say they don’t bring Christianity in their legislative offices. That’s the problem, so what good is it being a Christian; they vote the same way as someone who is a card-carrying Communist.

Another problem is, that in many Churches preachers say that God’s Laws were done away with. So, how would they be any different than what the heathen, agnostic politician might vote on?

If you know biblical archaeology, you’ll know about what the Canaanites did to their children. What they did, as part of their religious belief is, that their first born was killed and his/her remains were put in the corner-stone of their new house. How do you like that? Also, archaeologists discovered mass graves of skeletons of babies.

If you remember, God told the Israelites to having nothing to do with the Canaanites, to drive them out of their land. And when they did not do it, it was the Canaanites that murdered thousands of God’s people.

Now, this is just talking about abortions – there’s a lot more to talk about. I won’t be able to cover all the areas, nor will be able to go over in detail the areas I will bring up, as that will require a book. So, I’ll just briefly mention the harm done to society under a non-Christian government.

Vaccines: We are told not to inject poison in our bodies (yes, this was done in ancient times, too). There has been untold harm done to adults and children. For further research, all you have to do is search with words like, “vaccine danger,” and see what you come up with.

In California, all children are now required to be vaccinated. How much longer will it be before it’s required in other states?

Gun Control: Being a pacifist is NOT Christians, yet politicians are keen in taking guns away from Americans. In fact, in cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City it’s illegal to own guns. Look at the people murdered – even in their own homes – who could have prevented this. The antichrist Communists are in favour of gun confiscation. And in a nation that they take over, one of the first things they do is confiscate guns. But people are fooled easily; they are told, “We don’t have Communism in our country.” What do they do? They do exactly what the Communist would have done. The only difference is, that countries uses different names in order to describe the political system they have. But just look at what they do. You will see the laws are much the same as in the old Soviet Union, for example.

Bible Reading in Schools: Because Bible reading is banned in schools, children are ignorant of “the golden rule” of how to treat your neighbours. Thus, parents are not encouraged to read the Bible at home or tell their children to. If that wasn’t bad enough, IF they go to church, their pastor tells them that God’s Law was done away with. When this happens, people think that man’s laws are just as good – if not better. So, this is the core of our problems. Since Christians are told that “God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements have been done away with,” is it any wonder why we have people in office that has no Christian morals, no sense of right and wrong?

How much worse will it get?

All I can give is an educated guess. It will probably get as bad as it had been in other countries under Communist rule or Muslim rule. In fact, the Muslims had murdered more Christians than the Communist. For reference to this, just do a YouTube search on: Bill Warner Islam. He documents the whole sordid history.

While leads me to immigration. The Bible talks about the heathen people who lived in Israel. When they did, it was because of punishment that they should rule over us. When in obedience to God’s Laws, Israel did not have the Canaanites, for example, rule over them, teaching their children and being in politics. The greatest threat to Christian civilization is having non-Christian people in our land. Witness all the crime that has come to Europe with allowing Muslims in. And with it, there is the social benefits we give each person that is taxing the native population to death. The Muslims do not hide what they want to do with Christians – either convert or die. And they want to make Sharia law the law of the land. Is that what you want?

Let’s pray for the day that Christians are in government administering biblical laws as Colonial Americans once did.


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