Dallas Shooting and Its Repercussions

There is a patriotic website that I’ve been too that said the violence against the police was no cause and that it hurts the change that we’d like to see in society.

The site is at: Click Here.

I will be talking about this article, so if you read it first, you’ll know better of what this article is about.

We know that the demonstration and the shooting that followed was the result of the shooting of blacks by the police in general, and of the shooting that happened to blacks in the past week, in particular. With that in mind, we have 1,100 people killed by police last year and over 500 for this year so far.

Now, some say that part of this event was staged – not a complete false flag but where a patsy was used. There were actual policemen killed and wounded, however.

Now, those who did the killing (or the lone gunmen, as some claim) look at this in a different way. They might have looked at it like there is an UNDECLARED war going on. The blacks only think in terms of blacks but the fact is, that there have been many whites that have been killed by policemen, too. So, could it possible that some people are saying it’s time to shoot back? I think that is the case.

Now, the media and even some patriotic groups think that this shooting will be the impetus of putting ALL resistors in FEMA camps and turning America more into a police state. That whoever is responsible for the shooting will make it bad for the rest of us.

Now, there are some people who look at it like this:

We are already being shot at

The government will create a situation if one does not come on its own

Yes, even if we did nothing, don’t worry, the Feds will create a situation where there are real killings and use that as an excuse for putting us under martial law. So, say everyone put up no opposition to the police. First, how can this be in a nation of over 300 million with mixed races, mixed ideas, heathen religions, differences of what is right and wrong. How can you really expect everyone to “remain calm?” But let’s assume everyone did remain calm, the Feds themselves will create an event, even sacrifice their own kind or make it look like some of their own kind were killed and blame it on whatever group they see fit. Then use that as an excuse to put us in FEMA camps. What I’m saying is, you can’t win with the Feds.

When you are in a war, and both sides know that it’s a war, what happens? Both sides start shooting at each other, right? Say a soldier who was shot at (but not hit) yesterday, and today, this soldier sees another enemy soldier and shots him. Is that consider wrong? What if the enemy soldier he shoots was not shooting at him but merely going to the back lines to get more supplies. Would your soldier be charged with a crime? No.

So, there are some people who think that just because it was not the same cop that killed a black guy in Dallas. Others might say, “This cop did nothing wrong.” The shooter might say, “No, but he is wearing the same uniform.”

How do you get bad situation corrected? The policemen have to act like European police, where they ASK questions first and not later; where the policemen are not trigger happy. ALSO, they have to bring the cops who did the various killings to justice. They have to be tried and if found guilty given capital punishment. Then blacks AND whites will see that the police are serving the community and not themselves.

But going on with this guy and his pacifism. He thinks this is the cure, it’s not. Let’s look at history where no resistance was used. We look at the Ukraine in 1932-33 where there was mass starvation by the Christ-hating Communists. Estimates are that 6 million were starved, millions more put in prison either in the Ukraine or in the USSR. There was no armed uprising; the peasants pleaded with the police (at that time the NKVD). Did this help? No, as I said 6 million were started to death, probably millions more had a short life (those that lived through it) as it affected their health. None of the peasants killed the NKVD and other police agencies at the time.

If you were the police force, if you were the Communist leaders, that is exactly what they wanted the peasants to do – OFFER NO REISTENCE. This makes it easier for the enemy; none of them (or very few of them) got killed. So, pacifism did not help their cause – it hurt it. So, why do we have people – some of whom call themselves patriots – think this will help? This is exactly what they want you to do. Yes, they would love ONE VIOLENT incident to justify opening up the modern day Jewish Gulag camps, but PACIFISM AFTERWARDS. And if they can’t get the one violent incident, they will create one – no problem.

You can see that this person (Michael) might not be one of us. I don’t know if he owns this blog site but nonetheless, I see that he’s not one of us. Why? If you go to his article, you’ll see a graphic of a picture of John Lennon and a quote from him. Now, why would a Christian use this ungodly man? He was not a Christian and he had some ungodly songs such as: “Ebony and Ivory” and another song that had the words, “Imagine there is no Heaven.” He was also a race-mixer. So, why have him as if he was some modern day prophet with words of wisdom. I think you see the author’s true colors.

As a final note, look at the name of this guy’s website: liberty blitz krieg! Blitz kieg is German for “lightening war.” But this article sounds like he is against war.


Pray for deliverance, pray for Christ’s return.


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