Dallas Shooting of Five Policemen

Dallas Shooting of Five Policemen

In the early morning hours Central Time, 5 policemen were killed with 7 wounded. It was bound to happen with all the police brutality of not only blacks but whites, too. People who don’t like the Police State are now fighting the police. With the police being more militarised their mere presence shows aggression against the public.

Will this be like the riots back in the 1960s with fighting spreading to other cities? At the time of this writing, most people in Dallas don’t even know what happened; most people in America hasn’t known what happened. What will the situation be when the day breaks in America? What will the blacks do this evening and in the following days?

One thing you can count on is that there will be more purchase of guns and ammunition. Americans see on TV that when Europeans demand their rights they are defenceless against the police. In America, the situation is different.

The policemen who work out in gyms, many of them are on steroids. Add this to the training that receive as police officers – that citizens are to be looked down on – it’s no wonder they shoot first and ask questions later.

There have been over 1,100 shooting of citizens by the police in the past year. This doesn’t count the police brutality – some of which were filmed and can be seen on the internet.

Then, you have the militarised police force, which is illegal under the Constitution. The public sees this as one day being used against them. With the police having all kinds of weapons and never being able to use them, they get itchy fingers.

There are many videos posted where you can see the police using force of one kind or another where their lives are not endangered. Such as the one shown today where there were two offices holding a person on the ground, and without any threat, the policeman pulled out his gun and aimed it at the man.

According to the girlfriend of the victim in Dallas who said on Facebook said her boyfriend said, “I have a licence to carry a gun but I’m reaching for my wallet.” If this was the case, that means that the black guy was obeying the law and the policeman was breaking the law! All of this would not surprise me.

Does the government really want to defuse the situation? What they should do is, the policeman who shot the black guy should be tried; the other shooting a couple of days ago of another black guy should be tried, too. If found guilty, pay the price of murder and make this a public trial and a public sentencing. Then some of the wrongs can be righted.

With the shooting, and people being fearful of being killed just for a traffic violation (or supposedly a traffic violation), more people will be buying guns. This incident is sure to get Donald Trump more black votes and other non-white votes.

A YouTube search will reveal many videos of police brutality.

It looks like the New World Order is crumbling.


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