Sid Roth Exposed

Sid Roth Exposed

One of the largest, if not the largest alternative news website is World Net Daily ( whose founder and editor is Joseph Farah. He is a conservative Christian Patriot, but like so many people who bill themselves as this, do not know the Bible.

On Farah’s website there is a section where he has different talk show hosts or people who have their own program, one of which is the Jew Sid Roth. For those who don’t know about Roth, he has a TV program that is called, “It’s supernatural.” Sid Roth is a big Zionist that pushes the Jewish agenda in the middle east. Naturally, all his viewers and customers are Zionist Christians (what an oxymoron!).

Sid Roth has many non-whites on his program as guests as well as those in the audience. Well, this should tell you something. You can also find out more about him at his website ( The guests that he interviews all have had some kind of “supernatural experience.” Now, do you think this is how God operates? Many of these people will tell you that, God told them this and God told them that. We know that God does not operate like this, as He tells us in the Bible. The reason is, basically that anyone can say anything and believe it as Scripture and those listening will believe it like it came from the Bible. The days of God directly telling some people what to do is over since the days of the Prophets and Apostles.

What I’m getting at is, that here is another case where you have an otherwise good person (Joseph Farah) giving people the truth behind the news but then have them led astray by being in association with people like Sid Roth. Yes, you can still get good news from World Net Daily, but you have to watch what else they have or who they are associated with. It just seems to be a trend that with every major alternative news site out there, you can’t believe everything they say. Most of them, for example, will say nothing that will offend the Jews or show their true history. But if you have been following the articles and videos posted here, you would be aware of that.


Click Here for another video.


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