Occult Practices Of International Preachers

Law of Attraction in the Churches

Some of you might get caught up in what is known as the Law of Attraction. If you are, you are not alone, as I was into this and I didn’t see that it was against the teachings of Christ. When I did get out of it, I learned later that it’s in the churches, too. Not in Christian Identity churches but in your big churches. Joel Osteen is on who has this in his mega-church. Of course, this is not pointed out that it’s the LofA.

Basically, if you listen to Joel and others like him, if they center their preaching on man and not Christ. If they talk about getting material things for yourself, think about what you want in life – then this is false teaching, it’s the LofA. Stay clear of them.

This video will show you the same similarities that are in some churches and what the Law of Attraction teaches. The LofA is part of the New Age Movement, as you know. Aside from the narrator talking on “hell,” which is not much, this video is very good.

The thing that I want to warn people of is, if they are in the New Age Movement or the Law of Attraction, gets out then goes to church, they might find themselves right back into it again and not even realise it. Of course, we know that 99% of the churches teach false doctrine, so your best way to learn Bible truth is at home with your own King James Bible. If you are fortunate enough, you might have others in your city where you can form a small CI meeting in your home. In the meantime, I hope that this blog (christianidentitychurch.wordpress.com) will be a blessing to you and your family.


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