Mike Adams Is Now A Person of “Color!”

Mike Adams Comments on the White Race

You would not believe what Mike Adams came out now with…he’s a “person of color.” What nonsense! This is not satire, as he tells you in his latest article on naturalnews.com He claims that he is part African-American and part Native American. It’s one thing if he is speaking for himself but he claims that everyone in the whole world is a “person of color” and have some traces of African and Indian in them.

Adams says that there is no such thing as the white race. He goes on to say that universities may legally repress white people, but he said not to change your race because of this but because “scientifically” it has been discovered that we all share the same DNA and National Geographic had a documentary on this.

He said that Asians are beating everyone in entrance exams so they should (according to the U.S. Supreme Court) be repressed. My comment on this is, yes, the Asians are smart. But when we, the white people are in disobedience, the heathen will rule over us, and this is one way that they do. It’s not that the White race is not smart, but we have adopted some very bad polices in the U.S. including the deliberate dumbing down of the American students. This is according to Charlotte Iserbyt, former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan. In fact, I highly recommend you get the book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Iserbyt, which you can find free online.


Adams says that scientists compared skulls for DNA and found we all share the same; that “It’s accept science.” Now, Mike Adams should know as well as anyone that you can’t trust the scientists, the media and government. In fact, that is what his whole website is about; he exposes the fraud that is going on in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession in general. But now, all of a sudden, he believes every word that these other scientist say about there is ‘no such thing as the white race,’ that we ‘all share the same DNA,’ etc. That’s very strange indeed.

Adams goes on to say that the “Africans who migrated to Europe and the North” became lighter because it was necessary for them to absorb the UV light that dark skin can’t. Would you believe such utter nonsense! I don’t believe that Adams is saying this because he is stupid or not well read; he is smart and well read. So, why this statement? I believe he is either criminal or someone (the Feds/Jews) got to him to say this if he want to continue in business. But this is just my educated guess.

Anyone who knows even a little about world history will see this as a lie, the question is, how many of Mike’s followers will see this as one? Just consider some of these facts:

Where are the remains of black skeletons? Where is the migration records of these people? What about “the people of color” that have lived up North, such as the Indians? What about the Eskimos? They live in the far North. Yes, the American Indians and Eskimos have remained dark skin for thousands of years. IF people of color can’t get the UV light for health, how in the hell can they survive for generation after generation? The answer is, they CAN’T. Look at the Negroes in America, you have millions of them who can trace their ancestry back to the 1700s, and those that marry within their own race are as black as the night. Those that are not black but brown and identify themselves as “blacks,” still have that “skin color” that would block UV light.

The fact is, and reality has shown, that blacks and other races of color can live in the North.

In this article we are told of “the wonderful message of unity, that we are all brothers and sisters, that we have the same rights, stop segregating and embrace our common roots.” This is the exact same thing that the Zionists, the New World Order and those that hate everything about Christianity say. Doesn’t Mike Adams know that this is being on the same side of the fence as those he says he’s against? Sure he does, that is why I believe he has another agenda.

Don’t get me wrong, Mike does put out a lot of good information on health and he does report on corporate corruption, so I will still go to his website for health news and such. But I have found out with many people in the alternative media – that they put out some very good information but don’t accept “card Blanche” everything they say. Check things out if you are in doubt and “call a spade a spade” where necessary. That includes what you read here. In fact, we read this in the Bible where Paul said that some people “check the Scriptures to see if such was so.” These were the Bereans.

Going on…

The article goes on to say that “the Supreme Court acted out of love” in this court case (the case name was not mentioned). Can you imaging that? – the Supreme Court “acted out of love?” These are some of the sickest people in the U.S. Government and they did this for our good?! This ruling on whatever law this is based on (which Mike Adams didn’t give any details on) would hurt millions Americans of Saxon, Nordic, Celtic decent. In other words, it would hurt all white people.

Now, Adams recommended to us that we say we are of African decent or Indian (whatever suits you, he said) when we apply to university or for a job. He said he would do this IF he goes back to university and gets his PhD. Even with him being a real 1/16 American Indian, he’ll tell them he is part Indian. (I don’t use the stupid ‘Native American’ word.) Well, if he thinks that they will fall for this he will be sadly mistaken. He’ll find out that he either will not be accepted or he will be discriminated in some other way IF they do accept him.

How politically naive can Mike Adams be? Colleges, Universities and business (especially the large ones) will just take a look at you and see that “If you look white, you talk white, you act white – you must be of the white race.” There might be some exceptions and those people will have to bring in a birth certificate to show them. The fact is, that they will probably have a rule of thumb where you have to be at least ¼ of whatever race to qualify.

Mike will be “giving a massive amount of vitamins” to the blacks in Detroit who has cancer. Here, he is turning on his own race. What if he said he would give to white people only? You can be sure that they’ll be an out cry of ‘racism’ even among some of his own followers and customers. Doesn’t he see that he is dong the same thing that the Feds are doing – helping non-white. When the Feds do this, no media coverage is given saying “discrimination.” When the Feds just help some non-white race, somehow that’s OK. So, Adams is doing the exact thing that the Feds are doing. If there were some little blonde hair girl who has cancer and is in line to get some of Mike Adams free handouts, she would probably be denied. Would the worker say, “Go away girl, you are white, you don’t count.” What if she said she was of American Indian decent? Probably in this case, Mike Adams would ignore his own advice he gave to others and tell the little girl to bugger off!

Mike Adams reminds me of Esau in the Bible who sold his birthright for a bowl of red porridge. In other words, he cares nothing about his white race. Of course, he knows nothing about Christian Identity; that we (the white people) are heirs to God’s Covenants and that we are His children. Mike makes no mention of all the civilizations that have been built and the inventions we made. If he loves the other races so much and hate his own, why doesn’t he move into a mud hut in Africa somewhere? Or, he could move on an Indian reservation and live like they do.

Talking about Indians, Mike concludes his stupid article with them. He says that he attributes his love of nature, plants and animals to his Indian heritage. He included his Indian background as the reason why he fights oppression. So, let’s examine how the Indians – those who are full blooded – feel towards these issues; let’s examine how, in history, American Indians lived first. Then we’ll look at them today.

Many years ago before the White Man (which Adams says don’t exist) came to North America. Yes, the Indians lived among nature and kept it much the same through the centuries. But was that because they “cared so much about nature?” No. think about it, how could ANY race destroy nature when there was no Industrial Revolution? How could they polluted the land even if they wanted to? Indians lived a pretty primitive life. Any waste products were all natural and returned to the soil. This was ONLY because they did not have the non-biodegradable things we have today. In fact, even the white race didn’t have these products centuries ago.

Now, let’s look at the Indians in the 20th and 21st Century. How do they live? Well, if you are an American Indian, you can live with “the white folks” in the cities and towns, or you can live on a reservation or both. So, to get a true picture of how the Indians live, lets look at them on the reservations.

American Indians now have all the products that you can find in the cities and towns of America. But when you go down the streets of where they live on their reservations you’ll see trash all over the place; you’ll see rusted out cars, motorcycles and bicycles on the front and back lawns. Plastic bottles litter the streets and in front of their homes. They care not where they throw their waste (now, I’m not talking about all of them). So, where are the Indians concern for the environment? There isn’t any, so how can Mike Adams give all these glowing attributes to them?

Now, if you take a look at the Nordic people (used to be called Aryan) and how they live, you’ll see that that everything is neat and clean. In fact, it was the Germans during Hitler’s time in office that were the first to have environmental laws. So, can some people attribute it to their “nazi” background?

Go to Holland, Denmark, England and see the clean streets – except where the non-whites live – and you’ll see that it’s clean. Don’t talk about our trash dumps. We need some place to put it. As far as trash dumped in the seas, this is not done by the average citizen but the government at some level.

The Indians with their trashing their own towns could not be done until there was trash. When you have non-biodegradable products, it remains there. Why don’t the Indians put their trash in bins? Why don’t they recycle. And IF they are doing it now, who told them? Who made the trash bins for them in the first place? The White Man!

Finally Mike says that “proof” that he has Indian blood in him is, the red on his forehead; that the person who makes videos for him has to do some coloring balancing. Mike points out in the photo that is with the article that is the reason why he has red on the top of his forehead. Well, he would be better off sticking with what his grandmother said to him, as any white person can get red on high points of their face – including me. I often have red on the top of my ears, forehead and nose. This is common for every White Person. And, I have NO Indian in me. In fact, I’m proud to be a Saxon and I will NOT sell my birthright like Esau did.

Thank God for the White Race!


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