Word of Faith False Preachers

Weekly Sermon 19 June 2016

“Prosperity Preachers”

Here is a pastor that I discovered a short time ago by the name of Justin Peters. He is not Identity (that I know of) but he does have good preaching. On this video he talks on the big “Word of Faith” and “Prosperity Peaching” that big televangelists talk about. Topics by Justin Peters are good to add to your arsenal of Bible Truth.

For those who are avoid the teachings of the health and wealth crowd, the manifest things into reality and what is shown on The Secret because they are not Christian, congregations. Yet, many of these same Christians go to churches or big Christian rallies and are taught the same lies that you hear in some of these “Mind, Body, Spirit” groups. Are you one of them? To find out more about what I mean, if your pastor or your televangelist are part of what is known as:

  • Word of Faith Movement
  • Prosperity Movement
  • Name It and Claim It Movement

…then you are being taught the same lies that are taught by people like Ester Hicks, and what is in the book The Shack. It’s really much worse, if you believe what the “Word of Faith” movement advocates – it’s total blasphemy! You see what they have done is use the New Age lies and wrap it in Christian wording; take Scripture out of context and you have New Age all over again.

In short, check out what your preacher supports and teaches and if he supports what Baal preachers like: Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and other preach, then get out of your church now! It’s better to study at home and read your Bible and better to get with like minded people and have your own small Bible study at home.


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