Greater Sin Than Lying

Have you notice that one topic that many Christians like to bring up – to show how righteous they are – is lying. They say we should not lie. First, I hope you’ve read my previous Post about Lying. But why is this a topic that many Christians bring up?

About two weeks ago I was approached by a Christian on the street who was giving out literature and was asked, “Do you lie? Do you lie even a little?” Of all the topics to talk about she talked about this one. She is not on the only one, as this is common among Christians. You often hear sermons based on “Do you lie?” Before I could fully answer it, she changed the subject and asked if I knew Jesus. You know how this goes. Anyhow, I thought about how Christians should not lie.

I thought that there are many other greater sins than that, that are happening in the world today. Preacher avoided the other important topics they could discuss. They don’t discuss them because they are ‘not politically correct.’

Here are some examples and how most people would respond (Christian and non-Christian alike).

Example 1:

Q: “What is your profession?”

A: “I sell GMO food to farmers?”

“Oh, that must be a nice job; you get to drive out in the country, bla, bla, bla.”

Example 2:

Q: “What do you do?”

A: “I’m a nurse and I go around to the schools and administer vaccines to children.”

Example 3:

Q: “What do you do?”

A: “I’m a pilot and I drop chemicals in the sky as part of bioengineering?”

In other words, we would not be shocked by some of these jobs; by people having this kind of work. But we should! They actually involve murder or bodily harm.

These jobs, if you want to call it that, harms people, makes them sick, makes them handicapped in some way. For for others it actually kills them. When we talk about GMO food, it actually is an attack on God’s creation. Should not we should talk about this?

Could the answer be in that:

1 They are simply ignorant?

2 Others don’t want to know the truth as they are afraid of where it’ll lead to.

3 They have personal interest or investment in such a profession.

4 Their aunt has a job like this and they don’t want to see her lose it.

5 Their father has his pension in Monsanto (one of the makers of GMO food) and they don’t want to see his pension affected.

The above are some of the reasons why other subjects are not talked about in the churches in America. They are either ignorant of it; they don’t want to hear it and the reason why they don’t want to hear it is because they have a vested interest in it – either directly or indirectly.

So, let’s talk on a subject that will not offend others. Lying is something we all admit that we do; lets focus on the minor and not the major, so it’s a safe subject for a sermon. But to talk on something that offends millions, that offends us (though we know is the truth), we must not talk on it. Well, this is not what the Bible is all about. Let’s discuss about the ‘heavier’ issues of today.

The heavier issues are – which are never discussed in the churches – are many. So, I can only take a few. You probably already know about many of them if you are a follower of this website. But I would like to mention a few that not many Christian Identity people talk about and they are:


bioengineering (chemtrails)

GMO foods

The use of the above have caused 10s of thousands of people illness along with death. Why aren’t they mentioned. Well, for one, the churches probably have what is called the 501 c (3) (if they are in America). What this means is, in order to get tax exemption status you have to sign on with the IRS. However, if you sign on, you cannot talk about politics. With that aside, the reason why you don’t hear much about this in our own circles is, that most of us are ignorant of this. For those who are not ignorant on these subjects, it’s good to know about it. If you have your own little group, let your people know what is going on.

Even things like vaccines, GMO food, and chemtrails are a much greater sin, as it’s really murder that we are talking about. Slowly but surely people are being killed by being exposed to or consuming such substances. If the use of these substances continue unabated, we’ll all die. Perhaps this is the reason why Christ will “shorten the days,” otherwise there would be no man left of earth.


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