Are We The Solution or is Christ the Solution to Our Problems?

Are We The Solution or is Christ the Solution to Our Problems?

In an article written by Mike Adams yesterday, titled: America’s Immune System, he goes on to say that America is in big trouble and listed the reasons why. They are legitimate and they are real. Of course, it’s not just America but other nations in the world have their problems, too.

You can read the full article here:

In short, he says there is danger in not preparing for the coming collapse and that we should get out of the cities as this would be the most dangerous place to live.

For those who don’t know Mike Adams, he is a big alternative health advocate. He has thousands of articles about health on his website but he also gets into politics, as he is a Patriotic American. In addition to this, he also sells herbs, vitamins and other food supplements. Each page you go to on his site there are ads for these products. All well and fine.

But the thing that I want to comment on in his article is, that he thinks that we, the People, can turn things around; that if we just do such-and-such, things will be all right. Mike emphasises of getting out of the city if you live there, as your chance of survival will be greater. Now, although he did not mention this in his article, is he insinuating to buy his survival products? He doesn’t have to say, “Buy my product X today!” in order to get the message across, as that would be too crass. Everyone that goes on his site knows that he sells these products and that they see them right on the page that they are reading “America’s Immune System.”

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in buying such products or in selling them to others. The point I want to make is, that the answer is NOT with us disconnecting our TV so we don’t watch propaganda news; the answer is NOT in “voting against the establishment,” as he claims. What we got to do, and what should have been written in the article is, that we must, as a people, REPENT, seek God’s face. THEN, and only then will “He hear our prayers and HEAL our land,” as stated in II Chronicles 7:14.

(“Seeking God’s face,” means to learn and obey His Laws, Statues and Judgements.)

This is the problem with many Patriots or Nationalists, they leave Christ out of the equation; they don’t mention Him. Why? Maybe for some they simply don’t believe in Christ, while others don’t give the REAL reason. They give a reason, an excuse, but the real reason is that they don’t want to offend their non-Christian followers or, “their Muslim friends!” For these people, they will not have the real answer that Christians need.

Could It Be a Trump Gingrich Ticket?

On another matter Mike Adams did point out in his article was, that if Donald Trump gets elected, they will use him as a patsy. That when the economy crashes, they will “blame it on that right wing guy,” and wash their hands of the mess. Now, this makes sense. When you know that something is going to happen you have a “fall guy” set up to take the blame.

On another news items I learned that Donald Trump has a list of possible candidates for the Vice Presidential spot, and high on that list is Newt Gingrich. The following is my prediction, and I may be wrong. Gingrich is the most left wing person Trump could consider. Will he pick him? If he does, then you can be sure that this whole election is a set up. Mark my words, write it down in a book and look at it in a year or two. That’s IF Trump picks Gingrich. The reason why I think that this is a set up is that a real liberal like Gingrich could not win the election if he ran for President himself but being appointed VP is another matter. Gingrich is the person the real rulers of America wants. With Gingrich being VP, he is literally only a “heartbeat away” from being President. If anything happens to Trump (and the Establishment can make something happen), then Gingrich would be President. Under the Constitution, he can serve out the rest of the term as President automatically.

In other words, have the economy crash while Trump is President, put the blame on him and his “right wing” followers. Then, by accident, have Gingrich become President; do what is necessary to get things right again – with the government increasing their power over the people as a necessity to get things started again.

Now, you may ask, “Why have Trump run for President in the first place?” To answer that question, let’s go back to what other dictators have done. When Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union, he allowed the people more freedom to speak out for a time in order to find out who his opposition was. When these people, the patriotic Russians thought it was free to do so, they made themselves known. Then, Stalin had his Jewish NKVD agents sweep in and send them to the Gulag camps, while others were simply killed.

With the ideas that Trump espouses (which are good), all these people are coming out to vote for him. Now, the Establishment knows that there are millions of people who are against what they are doing, so in order to find out who they are, where they live and work, they have to have a candidate that represents them. They found one in Donald Trump. (While I hope I’m wrong in all this, I just have a gut feeling that this could be the scenario that will play out.) When people vote, that person has to register first. With the registration, they Feds will know exactly who voted for him and all the details of their life. We also know that the federal government has set up FEMA camps across America. This is not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact, in that there are plenty of pictures and videos of these camps all set up and ready to go.

My question is, will this happen? Will the supporters for Trump be arrested at some later date and sent to these camps? Will they do it slowly so as not to make the people rise up in holy anger? Who knows. I do hope and pray that this will not be necessary to wake our people up but all this does make sense. We do have history that this is what was done in the past.

As a side note, the antichrist Stalin, also had another time during his reign of terror where he allowed people some freedom and that was during WWII, where he appealed to the Russian patriotic spirit and he even allowed some religious freedom; again, to find out who his enemies were and to get more productivity out of them – in this case, for the war effort.

Only time will tell if the above scenario happens.

Christ Is Left Out of the Equation

In short, the Bible has the answers and it includes: repent for not following God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements. And that it will be Christ who will return, as in the parable of “the tares and the wheat.”

God gave His promise that He will protect His people in times of trouble. Now, think of this, would not the power of God be manifested and even known to the heathen when the only people being saved from all the calamity that is all around are Christians? When crime abounds, with famine in the land, and earthquakes killing thousands of people, and during all this the only ones being saved are the Christians – don’t you think that even the stupidest heathen will know that these people are being protected from God? While those who hate Christ and don’t follow His laws are the ones dying?

What would you think if the only people who were saved were those who had money to buy survival products, to have a home in the country, to have a a stock pile of weapons and food? Would the Muslim, Jew or agnostic see it as the work of God or that of man? They would give credit to those people who had the money to buy all these things that saved them. In fact, they would give credit to the survival equipment itself and not to God. But when God’s people are saved from all the destruction that is happening around them, when these Christian people don’t have the money to buy the survival knife, the solar powered lantern and the long shelf-life survival food, these people will have to acknowledge that it was the hand of God that saved them. The Christians themselves will acknowledge this. But for the heathen – it will be too late for them to repent; they are the tares, as we read in the parable of “the tares and the wheat.”

If your heart is right with Yahweh, God, it matters not if you are a rich Christian or a poor Christian – you will be saved in time of trouble. For rich Muslims, Jews, or those of no religious persuasion, their money will NOT save them. It’s these people who think that that because they have money and their retreat on some remote island – that would be enough to save them from all the destruction. They will not!

And don’t think that the enemy doesn’t know what is coming, they do. They are relying on their money. The Bush family for example, bought thousands of acres of land in Bolivia. I’m not sure the amount but it is in the thousands of acres. They think that when trouble comes they’ll have a safe place to run to. I have read reports that thousands of very wealthy people have bought their retreat, their survival bunker deep underground to flee to when riots break out. They think that will save them. Well, we’ll see about that!

So, trust in Christ for you protection and not in the money or things that you own.


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