Patriots Who Are Not Christians

Patriots Who Are Not Christians

What should our relationship be to those who call themselves Patriots but are not Christians? Should we support them or ignore them or show where they are wrong?

There are many White Nationalists who are hostile to the Christian Identity message. You might have some names in mind in whom I’ll talking about. So, are these people helping the white race or are they harming us?

As Dolly Madison said (former First Lady) back in the early 19th Century, that it’s impossible to be a Patriot and not be a Christian – and she is so true in this.

There are groups or former groups who are White Nationalists but would have nothing to do with Christian Identity people. Such as those who put out the Liberty Bell publication, the followers of Ben Klassen who wrote “The Whiteman’s Bible.” Then you have the William Pierce group. Now, some of these leaders are dead but their followers are still live. It is these people who think they can create a society without God.

You really can’t be for your country or for the white race without being a Christian. And many of these White Patriots would not have the solution to our problems. How can they? If they don’t know the Bible and the laws, statues and judgements of God, how can they know what to do? Sure, they have their plans but what are they? They are man-made. Sure, they might be better than what we have now but there’ll be many short-comings.

The “secular” White Patriots actually draw people away from God, away from the Bible, so they are not much better than a heathen. Think of it, there are many White Nationalists who believe in evolution and they are quite proud about it. They think that this, “survival of the fittest,” is the way to go. Well, they take this completely out of context. Yes, in a way the fittest survive but the fittest is not some result of “evolving” from an ape!

These White Nationalists, if you have known any, are amoral. They are involved in multiple partners and many of them, for that reason, remain single – so they can get as many women as they like.

Should we tell them about Christian Identity?

The unfortunate thing about telling White Nationalists about CI is that they have already been told about it; they have already read some material on it! So, has it helped them? No. they don’t what to know. The sad thing is that they believe the Jewish lie about:

Christ was a Jew

God’s chosen people are Jews

the Bible is a Jewish book

etc., etc.

It’s not that what is presented to them is not explained well or by someone who doesn’t know the subject of Christian Identity. No, they reject it because they are against “righteousness,” as God said.

You see, these so-called White Nationalist would like to see the pagan beliefs come back like they had in ancient Europe; they would like to see Odin, the god of the Norwegians return. Perhaps these White Nationalist would like to see the return of the the Vikings where there is pillage and raping. The way some of them talk, it sounds like that.

In short, these people have already been approached with the Word and they have rejected it. What are we to do as Christians? The Apostle Paul said to admonish them once or twice, and if they don’t listen, brush the dust from your shoes and leave. This is an idiom that they had at the time which means, “don’t have anything to do with them.” Taking this to the 21st Century it is the same thing we should do today. Even salesmen are taught this. Why? Because you will waste your time going back to the same person time and time again when you can better spend your time going to people who have never heard the message before.

There are some White Nationalists who say, “How cruel, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ This is what the Jews do. And this is in the Bible.”

This shows how sick some of these White Nationalists are. How can ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ be cruel? These White Nationalists think they have a better system than God. What do we have under man’s laws? Here is an example, if you do not collect and keep record of charging for a plastic bag, you’ll be fined £5,000! If you litter the highway, you’re charged $100 fine, as an example. If you say that 6 million Jews were killed in WWII was a lie, you’d be sent to prison for 3 years in some countries. So, what is the justice in all of this?

Here, you have some small businessman who doesn’t have records for the stupid plastic bags (of not collecting the 5p charge) and he is put out of business because of the huge fine?! Where is the ‘eye for an eye’ in this? In short, the laws today go FAR beyond ‘an eye for an eye.’

What these White Nationalists don’t understand is the principle behind this law of God. What it means is that the penalty should be fair but what we have today is cruel and unusual punishment. The penalty goes far beyond the crime. If the penalty is below the crime, this is not godly, either.

These White Nationalists, for the most part, think that the only problem we have is race-mixing and the Jews; and if this can be solved, there would be no more problems. In short, these people have a very narrow look at the world. On the other hand, you have Christian Identity people who know that there are many other evils in society. To name a few, they are:

the medical racket

GMO food


micro-wave towers

Now, if these White Nationalists are so concerned about the White Race, then why don’t they also focus on the above? Anyone of the above can ALSO kill off the white race, but are they talking about it? For the most part, NO! Why? That’s a good question but anyone who is really interested in preserving God’s people, this would also have to be looked into. All WN talk about is, race, race, race.

There is a real danger if you follow some of these White Nationalists in that, if you ignore the crime committed not only against the white race but all races by what the medical profession, we’d all be killed. There are some WN who think that the medicine and the diagnostic machines they use are the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. Such is not! They just don’t realise that the Jews are a big part of the pharmaceutical complex that is slowly but surely killing us all. Picture this, you have a group of people who follow White Nationalists with their single issue of race and race only; but their people die off because they took chemotherapy. How does this help the white race? It doesn’t.

Now, with the people who follow Christian Identity (who tell the full spectrum of what is going on) they will realise that they should avoid 99% pharmaceutical medicine. When they do, they will be the ones that are still living.

For example, if there is some chemical in our food that causes sterility in a certain percentage of people, this alone will kill off our race. Thus, the warning of our people on this chemical, those who make it, those who are the major stockholders, should be part of the articles and speeches of White Nationalists. But they are not. While many CI people do talk on a broad range of topics that concerns the survival of God’s people. For those who don’t, they should.

It is wrong for a Christian Identity pastor, for example, to just talk on “The ancient Israelites are the White people today,” and talk on no other topic. If week after week and publication after publication there was just talk on showing that the ancient Israelites are the White people of today, is not giving all the news that we should have. If CI people ignored the dangers that the pharmaceutical industries are doing to our people, we could also be killed off by other means.

What I have found is, that more and more Christian Identity leaders are telling their people about other dangers in society. For those that don’t, I pray that you will start doing it, too. In short, if you are either in a CI group or a White Nationalist group, and you are just hearing one small topic, you better look elsewhere for you truth for there is much more truth you need to make it through these rough times.

In Summary

Do we need secular White Nationalists? Do we need Pagan White Nationalists? Evolutionist White Nationalists? Are these people doing any good? The answer is NO! You can get all you need about the White Race from a good CI pastor, group or books – you don’t need to go to these ‘pagans under the cloth’ White Nationalists.

Remember, the MOST important thing is to know Jesus Christ, that He is Yahweh, God in the flesh, that He died for our sins and through Him we will reign. THEN, after your soul is taken care of, to learn about the other important topics in the Bible, THEN about the other secular things that are going on around us. THEN you’ll be a well-equipped Christian Soldier.


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