Donald Trump for President

The news is Donald Trump for President and you’ll probably hear a lot more about him up until election time.

The main question is, will Donald Trump turn America around? The short answer is no. the reason why is that, the politicians are not the ones who run the country and that includes the President. They have to take orders from, what is commonly called, the Secret Government. We all know who they are – they are those who hate Christ and they are some of the same descendants that Christ faced.

Trump gives a good talk, no doubt. But if he really wanted to make the changes that would be required – even one change – he will soon be out of office. Think of this, look at what happened to Lincoln and Kennedy – they started their debt free money. Under Lincoln it was called ‘Greenbacks,’ under John Kennedy it was called ‘Treasury Notes.’ Now, look at what happened to them.

But what Trump is doing is, he is voicing what most Americans are only thinking or saying to their best friends. People are fed up.

The only person who can change things around is Christ when He returns. Things will really have to be bad before He returns. We, as a nation, have reached such a low point that only divine intervention can help. This is the same for all nations of the world. It used to be that there were enough good people in the nation, or specifically, enough Christians that, with God’s help, turn things around.

I believe that it is all part of the divine plan – and how beautiful it is – that when the enemy is so strong, when they think that nothing can stop them, that they will lose their power. And they will not be able to point to a nationalist party or some group of Christians in the Bible Belt who beat them. Everyone will see that it will be God Almighty. You can read all of this in the book of Revelation, and you’ll see that it’s His people, the Christians that will win.

But Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air and he is a much better candidate than any other that is running – by a long shot.

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