Saxon Messenger

Weekly Sermon 6 March, 2016

Truth you will not hear anywhere else

As you may have seen by now, I bring biblical truth from various sources. Unlike other sites, where everything is focused on the pastor who leads the congregation, Christian Identity Church bog site has articles and videos from various sources. Today, I have good publication called Saxon Messenger. Just Click Here to get your free PDF copy.

While there is disagreement among the various Identity preachers out there, each one has truth that the mainline churches avoid. Also, there might be a mainline preacher that has a good sermon on one topic but they are wrong on many others. Why is this? We are told that in the latter days there will be false prophets. In fact, there were false prophets throughout history but in this day and age, the enemies of Christ are in total control. And they have this control, this propaganda, honed down to a science. Thus, it’s no wonder that you will find someone that is biblically correct on one area but are wrong in another. Some of them you might even call ‘Patriotic’ but because most of these people what to have a good following, they want to be politically correct. Of course, they twist and turn Scripture to fit being politically correct.

How can you tell if these people are just ignorant or deceitful and plain outright lying? I found out that when the preacher can really dissect the passages of the Bible when talking on one topic, but on another topic (where they don’t want to offend others) they abandon the scholarship research in order to lead the people astray. When they do this you know they are lying.

In this PDF, you can make a sermon out of it. Have one person read it and make comments on it while doing so. You may set up your home Bible study where you have an open discussion afterwards.

God bless you and yours in the study of Yahweh God’s Word.



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