Christ the Healer

Why Do Christians Get Sick?

Why do Christians get sick? Most people will answer something like this: “They are no different than the rest of society.” That’s the problem, as Christians are suppose to be different; we are to be following the truth – which is in the Bible! In the Bible we are told how to get well; we are told how to prevent illnesses. As Christians we are not to be following those who have a different belief – whether that belief is codified in a religion or into science – so-called.

Here is the beginning of an audio book titled Christ the Healer. I encourage you to listen to the other videos. To do that, when you are on YouTube watching this, you’ll see Part 2, 3, etc. in the right hand column. To do that, just click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right of the video and you’ll be brought to the YouTube page where you’ll see the other parts on the right hand side.

Since millions of Christians suffer from disease, it pays them to listen to how we are to get well. You may be sick or you may know a family member that is, so please share this with others you love.

Here is the book, Christ the Healer, in PDF form. You can read it if you prefer to listening to it. Click Here.

May Yahweh God keep you in health and vitality,


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