Social Experiment: Muslim Terrorist

There is a video on YouTube put up by a Muslim conducting a social experiment. He was at a tourist area somewhere on the coast in America. He was holding a sign that said, “Do I look like a terrorist?” The purpose of this activity was to show that not all Muslims are terrorist and he did this simple social experiment.

Most people who saw him and his sign just walked by; some laughed as they did so. There were some who did stop, but the majority of them were Muslims themselves. There were, of course, some White American who, presumably not Muslims that supported him. This is not a revelation and it proves that “like is attracted to like,” and others are too busy to stop or simply don’t care.

We all know that not everyone Muslim is a terrorist but that is not the point. What I would like to see is a social experiment with the same theme but done a little different. Below is what I would have done.

Anyone can be a terrorist

Location: Busy shopping area or tourist area.

Script: Have on guy hold up a sign that says, “Do I look like a terrorist?” Have him dressed in normal clothes. When someone comes up to say that you don’t look like a terrorist, ask him or her to give you a hug. You can also say somehting like, “Many people sterotype Muslims.” Then, show them a picture of yourself with an AK-47, and ISIS flag and another person lying on the ground in front of you that has blood on him. The more realistic it looks the better.

When showing the picture, say, “I’m really an terrorist.” And you can add, “The social experiment is to show how easy it is for us to get into America (or name the country you live in). Once we are out of uniform and not with our weapons; when we dress like everyone else – you really can’t tell us apart. Now, what do you think about allowing all these people in from Syria, Iraq and other fighting areas?”

Cameraman; Wait for the look and shock on their face. Make sure that you film their look and record their words.


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