The Other Side of Islam

Muslim Woman Exposed: Carrying a Bomb

By Richard Snowden

If you have seen the other posts on this blog you’ll know that some people have come out to make videos that show that Muslims are peaceful. If you haven’t seen them, I suggest you watch at least one now in order to understand this article. You can also go to this link and view it. (check out the videos on the right side of the YouTube site as there may be related videos.)

A video about the Muslims you’ll never see

After viewing the propaganda videos, I thought of this as a good one to make. Here is the script that could go with it.

Actors: Have two people to act in this. One is dressed in a full hijab with just the eyes shown – as you see in Saudi Arabia. The other person would be your White patriotic American male. The cameraman.

Location: At any busy location where there are shoppers, or it could be in a restaurant (make sure you get the permission from the owner).

The woman would be on her own, in her hijab and carrying her handbag. The American would approach her.

Dialogue: The dialogue would go something like this and said in a loud voice.

American: Why are you covering yourself up like this? Don;t you know this is America? Why aren’t you contributing to the American way of life?

Muslim: Leave me alone. I’m not bothering you.

American: I believe that you are carrying something? You can hide a lot of things under that burqa. Don’t you know of the trouble we have from Muslims? Take off your burqa for us to see how you really look like? You could be on the FBI most wanted list and how can we tell if you are or not.

Public looks on in horror? One or two start to tell the concerned American something.

Onlooker: Stop harassing her.

American: No I won’t.

Onlooker: If you don’t, I’ll call the police.

American: He quickly takes off the burqa. (If there is no interference from the public, the pulling of the burqa doesn’t have to be quick.)

Muslim: (Puts up a little resistance to make it look real.) Stop it, I’m not hiding anything.

American: (With one movement of his hand the burqa is removed partly for everyone to see.) What is that strapped to you – a bomb? It is a bomb! (He shouts these words and while he is doing it allows others to see it.

American: (With the pulling back of the other half of the burqa, he exposes a gun in a holster. The make like they are fighting over the gun. The patriotic American wins and takes it away from her.)

I was right, you are hiding something – a bomb and automatic rifle! I wouldn’t have known it if I did stop you. Now, let’s see what under that mask; what else are you hiding. Let the world see how you really look like.

(He takes off the head covering, looks shocked and exclaims in a loud voice.)

Why you are a man! You’re no woman!

The “Muslim” man runs off. The other guy runs off with the gun. The camera stops there.

Background Ending

You could have the man/woman just with a “bomb” strapped to the body. So when she runs off (to end the scene) she won’t be shot at by gun-happy cops (if this is done in America). If this is done in the UK, you won’t have that problem.

The other actor and cameraman takes off in another direction.

By having the ending like this, rather than have the actors tell the public it’s a fake, will make some of them mad and say, “How horrible to make out Muslims like this.” Or, they will adopt the same old attitude as before and they will not learn a lesson – which is the purpose of the whole video.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is, that it will show the public reaction (at first) in favour of the Muslim. They’ll perceive it as an innocent person being attacked. Then, after they see that this is a person who is carrying a bomb and gun, the attitude changes about the Muslim and the patriotic American; the change comes in an instant.

This video will counter the lies that the other videos have – making all Muslims look peaceful. It will show how easily it is for someone dressed in a burqa to hide a bomb, handgun or rifle; how easy they can hide their own gender. It will show how someone can do a mass killing, run down an ally, take of his/her burqa and blend in with the crowd and walk away.

The brainwashed and egalitarian public will realise how easy it would be for anyone to carry out mass murder by wearing a burqa; how bombs, handguns and even rifles can be hidden. Then, how they can look like anyone else after they disrobe in a hidden place. The CCTV cameras will be of no help as their face is covered up.

If a video like this is made, will it last long on YouTube? Probably not, and that person’s account will be closed. So, to do this, you can get the message out by first putting it on YouTube (to get the traffic). Encourage people to download it at the end of the video with a message to that effect. This way, they can share it with friends. Then, in the video have a link or sign with the website that it’s posted on. With your own domain, you can host the video yourself. It will be harder for it to be taken down from a Host that is located in some third world country.

Script Two

American woman attacked by Muslim

Here is another video to make that will illustrate the dangers of Muslims.

Actors: Have one actress and one actor. Have the lady, a young American, dressed conservatively: dress just above the knees; short sleeve blouse opened just down to her breast but not revealing much.

Have the guy playing as the Muslim with Muslim dress on and a head covering.

Location: Crowded shopping area, either outside or inside. This can also be done in a restaurant.

Dialogue: Make sure that other people can hear and see what is going on.

Lady minding her own business and walking alone. Muslim guy comes up to her.

Muslim: Why are you dressed like this? You should cover up. You shouldn’t be showing your body. (He grabs her arm to get her to turn around; in gets in front of her to make her stop walking.)

Lady: Leave me alone; I’m not bothering you!

Muslim: Your dress is not proper.

Lady: Take your hands off me. Who are you to tell me how to dress?

Muslim: Here, put this burqa on (he hands it to her but she refuses).

Lady: No, don’t putting that thing on me. I’m a Christian, I’m not a Muslim.

Muslim: Put it on or I’ll put it on you myself. (He then starts to put the burqa on her. He succeeds in doing this, while the young lady try to take it off.)

Now, walk with me to your home. We’ll have Sharia law established here yet; we’ll get rid of Christianity once and for all.

Purpose and Moral of the Story

The lesson to be learned is that Muslims have already demanded that we change our clothing, change our laws and, most importantly, to remove Christianity from our daily life. You can see a couple of videos on YouTube where one young woman was told off; another one where a couple was walking past a mosque and two Muslim men, who were on “patrol” stop people who they think are not dressed properly or who are drinking. This is despite that they are in another country that is not Muslim, and also despite that these people are on public pathways or even on the pavement of a shopping area of town.

Muslim will have the laws changed once they get the political power and even before this has happened, they are exercising this in front of their Mosques and in the neighbourhoods where they live. They treat non-Muslims, like they own this land. They call us “kafirs” which means non-believers.

This video (whenever it’s made) will, hopefully, show that it’s just a matter of time before what will happen in our country. Hopefully, it will wake people up; to see in advance what is coming; to take action now and demand all the Muslims – “legal” and illegal be returned to their own countries.

If you have any sympathy for Muslims; if you think that they just want to live in peace in your country, then watch these three short video clips. You can also do your own search with words like: Muslim attacks woman, Muslims invade Europe and you’ll find more disturbing videos.

Swede Attacked by Muslims

 Gang Rape of Swedish Lady

Rape Laws in Pakistan

Click Here


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