The So-Called Peaceful Muslims

We often hear about the so-called “peaceful Muslims,” and that most of the violence that is happening are by the few radical Muslims. Thus, natives of European countries, America and other predominately white countries should have nothing to fear; that to show prejudice against Muslims are wrong. Is this correct? No.

Let’s examine the facts and see if most Muslim are, indeed, peaceful.

Point 1 – By Muslims own admission and by their religious teachings, they are told by Mohammed that they should go to war against the “kafir” (non-believer); their history is one of killing non-believers. And, in order to be a true follower of Mohammed you should follow these teachings.

Everywhere the Muslims go, they either subjugate the no-believers (tax them, make them second call citizens, make their own laws), or they kill them.

By recent polls among the Muslims 20-25% (depending on which poll) says they support jihad.

With the above to consider, do you think that Muslims are safe to live around if you are a Christian? Also, think of this, even if the percentage of Muslims are much lower than what the polls indicates, it only takes 1-2% of people with violence to control the rest of their people. Think of captive soldiers during WWII (or any war); there were only about one soldier guarding about 100 soldiers as they were led off to captivity. What I’m saying is, the peaceful people have no choice but to go along with those who have the guns.

Muslims don’t want to offend their radical counterparts – the same with any group. Also consider, if some “peaceful” people see a Christian being beaten by a Muslim, do you think they will interfere? No way, as these people live among other Muslims – including the ISIS members or whomever – so they don’t want to get involved. Remember the old but true saying, “All that is required for evil to prosper is that good people do nothing.”

In conclusion, the non-believing Muslims have a lot to be fearful of, which is one reason (among several) of why they should not be allowed in white Christian countries. By doing so, these counties will become less and less white and Christian – and this trend has been going on for 70 years now.

I heard from someone who is known for their expertise of geopolitics concerning Muslims that about 95% of the women in Egypt are subject to Sheri Law, and that its about 90% with other Northern African countries. Sheri Law is violence against women – in their bodies and in their social/economic/political life. Using this as a bases, you can say that 90-95% of the Muslims there are involved in violence. So, is this the kind of people you want in your country? Is this the kind of people you want to see as politicians and policemen? I certainly don’t want to see this. Millions of your own countrymen don’t want to see this either. And after suffering under Muslim ruler ship, there’ll be millions MORE that will want to have their immigration laws changed.


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