Anti Halal Campaign

Food that are stamped Halal means that there is no pork, blood or alcohol in the food or in the process. This video is about people complaining about Halal food in Australia. The reason for the complaints is that companies have to pay $1,000 for “certification” and that this money, in part, goes to establish Shari law in the the respective country; that this is a stepping stone to get people to accept things that are Islamic.

First, I’m glad to hear that some people are waking up and complaining. In the video is one company that makes milk and yoghurt and one company was going to be “Halal certified.” But because of the backlash and the negative publicity, they decided not to advertise that they are “Halal approved.”

This “certification” is like what the Jews have in their kosher foods for 100 years. If you see a K or a U within a circle, that means that company has paid some rabbi to “bless” the food. This, of course, makes the company pay the extra fee, which, in turn, is passed on the the consumers. For businesses that say, “We absorb the cost,” is a lie; what company absorbs costs and not pass it on to the customers? They are in business so any costs have to be passed on – IF they want to stay in business.

There are many patriots that realise that there is a kosher tax on food that is marked kosher but few of them realise that this racket is going on with the Muslims. It truly is a racket, as anyone knows that there never is pork products, blood or alcohol used in milk or yoghurt! The Jews do the same thing, as items that are uneditable are marked “kosher” such as aluminium foil and anti-freeze.

Lessons to be learned

As you know, the Muslims have taken some of their writings from the Bible as Christians were in the Middle East before Mohammed came along. One thing they took from the Bible are the food laws – which includes food we should NOT eat. The Jews, too, took this from the Bible and is one of the few things that they do follow (Orthodox Jews). The Jews took this from the true Israelites – just to keep in mind that the Jews today have nothing to do with the Israelites of the Bible.

As true Christians we should follow the food laws in the Bible but with false prophets, we have been told “that God’s laws has been done away with,” which it has not.

You can do your own research and see how dangerous pig products are. God OK the eating of other kinds of meat but certain ones – such as pig products – we should not eat. Blood, we should not eat, as toxins are found therein. Alcohol, as you know, when consumed too often and too much leads to heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name a few. Christians should be the first to avoid these foods, and indeed they were – UNTIL false prophets centuries ago told us otherwise. So, avoiding eating pork, blood and limit your alcohol BECAUSE it’s the Christian thing to do and not the Jewish or Muslim thing to do.


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