Newly Converted to Christianity: Finding the Christian Truth

Beginning Path to Christian Studies

(This article is for all Christians.)

By Richlion

Are you a new Christian?

Did you just come out of some out of Islam or Hindu?

Were you previously an atheist or agnostic? Did you find the truth when you were in the new age movement?

What was your first contact with a Christian group or individual like? In your conversion to Christianity, did you rely on a big televangelist on TV?

Did you go to a Christian book store and buy some popular book that was recommended to you by the sales clerk?

First, I would like to welcome you into your new Christian life. And I pray that you will continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Yahweh God. This article is for you, so please, please continue to read on.

If you are new to the Bible and learning about our Saviour Jesus Christ, you might be a bit confused – you don’t know what to listen to, what to read and what church to be a member of. On the other hand, you may think that no matter what book you pick up or what church you attend that you will learn the truth about Christ and his message for mankind. No matter which one of the two categories you put yourself in, you want to make sure that you are told the truth. The sad thing is – and nearly all Christians will tell you – that these are the Last Days. We are warned in the Bible that there will be false prophets and they will deceive many. With that in mind, you don’t want to be the one deceived – after all, you had already been deceived.

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