Shocking Invasion of Muslims Into Europe

Shocking Invasion of Muslims Into Europe

Because of European foreign policy and our immigration policy, look what has happened (you can say the same for America). Our country is doing all it can to put its citizens in harm’s way; our so-call war on terror! If you watch this short video first, it will set the tone for the four sermons that follow below. It will give you hope and knowledge that the God of the Bible does watch over his people. The sermons were made in 1976 and thus talks about Communist Russia but we know now they are not the danger; the danger lies within our country. Check this out…

Peaceful Muslims? Check this out!

Bible Prophecy of Syrian Invasion Into Europe

In the Bible we read of Assyrian invasion in Israel. Assyria occupied the same place geographically as Syria. Listen to Pastor Sheldon Emry talk about the end time battle. This is God’s war and he will deliver us as he did when the White people (ancient Israel) was a captive in Egypt. Though the heathen (Muslims and others) may oppress us, there is a reason for that (read Deuteronomy 28) but in the end we will turn to Yahweh and he will deliver us.

Click Here sermon 1

Click Here sermon 2

Click Here sermon 3

Click Here sermon 4


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