Should Christians Try To Convert Muslims?

Many preachers will tell you that Christians should try to convert Muslims. Now, when you are talking about mainstream preachers you can discount it, as most of what they preach are lies. But there is one person, whom I consider a good preacher and he knows more truth than the average “politically correct” preacher out there. His name is Steve Anderson.

If you watch the last video posted under Weekly Sermons 8 November, 2015, Steve Anderson talks about the dangers of Islam – and he did a good job. What I’m writing about here is what you will find in the last 15 minutes of this video. Part of what he said is, that we should not hate the Muslims, we should go out and try to convert them. Now, Anderson also said earlier in his sermon of how wicked this religion is. He also admitted he Mohammed he hates and he hates the Koran, but he doesn’t hate the average Muslim. I see a big contradiction in this – how can you hate Mohammed but not the followers of Mohammed? Anderson hates Mohammed, in part, because of his many wives and of his paedophilia. But what about those who following his teachings and do the things he does. Doesn’t that make them the same as Mohammed? It sure does! So, there is a contradiction there.

Pastor Anderson said he doesn’t want to demonetize the Muslims as the military industrial complex does. You don’t have to demonetize the Muslims, they are doing a great job themselves! After all, Anderson told us in his sermon of what the Koran said. Anyone with common morality will see how filthy and criminal it is.

Then Pastor Anderson said that this sermon is not to convert Muslims, this instruction is for you (the Christians). He asked the audience how many Muslims there are in the congregation and none raised their hands (out of about 40 adults in the audience). He said that this sermon (which you’ll see previously posted here) is to educate those about Muslims. He said that this sermon is not meant for them. Which, implies we should not use this information when trying to convert them. Uhhh? Did I miss something here? If it’s good enough to teach Christians, why not Muslims?

What Anderson said we should do is, “Go to where they live and knock on their doors and tell them about the Bible?” Where has Anderson been living? When did he last check the daily news or took a walk through where Muslims live? Has he doe any “converting”? Has he walked through their neighbourhoods? Where are his converted Muslims? He preaches full time, he should have at least a couple of “converted Muslims” in his audience, where are they? He should practice what he preaches.

The fact is, that Muslims live in their own neighbourhoods and it’s not safe for white people to go there and it’s not safe for people of other races to go there (those that are not of Arab, Turkish or Egyptian extract). It would be suicide for a White Christian to go in their enclaves. Now, compound that with a Bible in your hand and preaching the word of Yahweh, they’ll kill you! The least that will happen is you’ll be beat up badly.

The Swedish government said (which has a high Muslim population) there are 55 areas in the country where, not only is it unsaved for fireman to go but now it’s a “no go area for policeman!” Going to Muslim areas is probably worse than going to all black areas – and we know how dangerous that is.

Doesn’t Anderson know that sending his people to those areas is a suicide mission?

No, we don’t go and “save them”! This is not biblical. If Anderson read the sections in the Old Testament, NO WHERE are we told to save the heathens. There are many battles that the Israelites had because of their wickedness. God told them to do battle with them not convert them (preaching the Law). Even after they were chased from the land of Israel, God did not tell them, “OK, you can go there and preach to them about the Laws, Statues and Judgements.” They were left alone, and that’s it. Sure, IF they come later to SEEK the words of God, that is another story. Such a story we read when Solomon was king and the Queen of Sheba came. But that is a big difference from going out TO THEM and telling them about God.

Finally, when Anderson said that no Muslim are here thus they will not hear what he said; this was a stupid statement. He knows that this sermon (as well as every sermon he made) goes on the internet, goes on YouTube. That means the world sees it, that means that there is a good chance that Muslims will see it, too. He uploads these videos on YouTube, so how can he say this? Beside, IF any of his people were stupid enough to go to “where they live” what message should they be telling them? Wouldn’t it be natural for them to paraphrase his good sermon on this topic? It would be sensible to me IF I went out. So, what should his people do, create their own report on the Koran verses the Bible?

The very few that are moved by the Holy Spirit to seek the Bible, they will be lead to do so on their own. That’s a big difference. And the way they can seek God’s word is many WIHTOUT sending Christians to the lions’ den! Here is how these Muslims could find out about God’s word:

Go and buy a Bible

Go to a church in their city

Search on the internet for articles and videos

Meet a Christians that are in a safer area of the neighbourhood

Go to a Christian book store to buy other books

Did King Solomon go to the heathen land of where the Queen of Sheba lived or did she go to Israel? You know the answer and that is what we should be doing today!


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