Koran verses the Bible

Weekly Sermon 8 November, 2015

The importance of knowing the Koran verses the Bible. As of this writing there is a mass of illegal immigration into Europe from Middle East Countries and Africa. They are not all coming from Syria (as if that makes it any better). Nearly all these people are Muslims. With that in mind, it’s good to know what they believe in in order to know the danger we, as Christians, are facing.

There are some places that Pastor Anderson is wrong it, but the sermon is included because there are many things he brings to light of what the Koran really preachers. You are to use discernment, as we are told in the Bible. For example, about where Anderson is wrong is when he quoted, “turn the other cheek.” This is an old worn out “proof” that no matter what the enemy does, we should just turn the other cheek, even if they are trying to kill us. No, this is for situations that are not life and death but  where your brother offended you in word. This would take a whole sermon to explain, so it’s too long to put here.


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